BBFC: A Lesson for Joe

BBFC: A Lesson for Joe

Joe has a lot to learn, he is new and the rules are new to him. He might have been used to laying around playing games on his phone at home but now at Teodors he has to do a lot more around the place. A pile of clean washing that needs to be put away is just left on a chair while he wastes time.

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Teodor seeing this has to show the lad the error of his ways. Rather than drag him OTK Teodor jumps on the bed and kneels next to the lad, Joe is laying down so it’s a roll over and he is ready for a spanking. Black briefs is all he is wearing as he was lazing around and suddenly it seems like a bad idea as Teodor lays swats to his ass.


And it’s a lot quicker to get them down and get on with spanking his bare ass. Joe protests a lot and tries to reach around to cover himself, but he has a lot to learn about being spanked as well. It looks like this has done the trick as at the end Joe is up and folding up the clothes. 


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Dr van Spanking
7 months ago

WOW! As a new boy, young Joe has certainly been well and truly thrown in at the deep end, has he not?! Laid over the knee for his very first spanking and now smacked bare except for – to start with at any rate – a pair of briefs!

We certainly have had a veritable feast of boys being spanked in seriously smackable underpants recently! And seeing a boy smacked in briefs is still a rare treat at Jock Spank, though lately we have been seeing it more often – along with the equally rare colourfully patterned underpants that some of the boys have been sporting for recent spankings! Wonderful!!!

I’ve said it once, I know, but I’ll say it again – Joe is a real find! So deliciously youthful and SO spankable! Even just watching the lad folding his clothes is a turn-on! Equally boner-making are his very boyish responses to being punished – his yelping as Teodor’s hand smacks down hard across his beautifully pert, cheeky little bottom is just a joy to listen to! And his ineffectual attempts to ease the pain in his smarting buttocks! It’s how a young lad ought to react to being disciplined and shows that the spanking is doing what it is meant to do! And I’m just wondering if at some point we can look forward to seeing Joe laid over the knee in those briefs – bearing in mind just how phenomenally spankable young Sergio looked laid across the knee in a similar pair!

Clearly chastened by his punishment, Joe sets about what he should have been doing that could have avoided him getting a smacked bum in the first place! Who says spanking doesn’t work???!!!

10 days ago

On joint laundry duty with his roommate, Joe dodged the bullit as he could quickly, quietly continue and finish fast their actual job while the lewed-scolded latter laundry-lout was whipped wickedly way-longer as ‘worst wayward wardrobe wrecking wretch’ by Dimitri for accidentally smelly-simple-soap-soiling seathing second Sir’s sole, super-fragile silk shirt, so soon-ready Joe picked their own clean clothes and carried them to their room, waiting for his well-whipped mate to come collect his before luckier, lazily-laidback Joe nurses his nastily-‘nurtured’ naked nates, gaming so-long.
Ex-military neat-freak Teodor only notices disorder and deems the ‘duty-dodging distracted devil’ due for darn-dolorous derriere-dermis-damning ‘due deserts’, deserved by damningly delaying doing the dutiful deed there and then as duo-mate.
Dreadfully dismayed by dumbo Joe’s dumb ‘defense’ he did his duty, therefore duo-mate deserves this derriere-discipline, the dutiful disciplinarian decides to double that dose for the latter, and the former too -all over though- therefore, and again for disloyal dobbing, and doubled again for this despicable dumbness, thereafter decrees to duo-mate to dispense a double of his dolorous-though-dubious deserts the the definitely-deserving dobber.