Sting: Stop Messing About

Stop Messing About

When James Holt returns back to the flat to see his younger flat mate (Andy Easton) hasn’t cleaned up at all, he feels its time to teach him a lesson. He gets a subsidised rent but lives like a pig expecting it all to be cleaned up around him!

Those days have now come to an end and the end is just where James will start with his painful session of re education.

To drive home the need to be clean James takes Andy over his knee and begins to give him a spanking.


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He wants this to be a good spanking so very soon he’s worked his way down to Andy’s rounded bare bottom.

I guess this is just a preparation anyway, as soon after Andy is ordered to kneel in the couch to take a whipping from the old leather riding quirt. This little stinger certainly has way of producing a raw red reminder across a lazy boys bare bottom and James is certainly not messing about when laying it on!




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One Response to Sting: Stop Messing About

  1. Young Andy seems to get more spankable every time we see him getting his bottom smacked! I just LOVE seeing this lad being laid over the knee!

    The combination of the well-fitting and well-worn grey jeans and short, tight navy-blue boxer-briefs – yet another phenomenally smackable selection from the boy’s spankably stocked pants-drawer – is a real treat! The underpants sequence of this punishment is a boner-maker-and-a-half!

    After being smacked very hard, Andy is then subjected to a bare-arse whipping with the quirt – a truly awesome instrument of discipline! And the effectiveness of its stinging, smarting bite shows in the lad’s handsome and youthful face! This is one hiding among many others that I’m sure this boy isn’t going to forget in a hurry! Let’s hope, however, that it signally fails to act as a deterrent to further naughtiness on Andy’s part…