BBFC: A Lazy Hoodie

BBFC: A Lazy Hoodie

It should be a simple matter of doing as you are told, but for most lads it rarely is. So when our hoodie is given a spade and told to clear up the garden veg patch, it would be so easy to just get on and do it.


But as soon as he is left alone, his ditches the spade and lights up a cigarette. Two mistakes at once, being lazy and sneaking a smoke.


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So when he is caught standing there as guilty as hell there is no denying it and he looks down at heel as he is led back to the house for a spanking.

Going OTK he gets a warm up on the trackies followed by a set on the underwear.

The bare ass finale is what he really needs of course. Its no wonder he heads out of the door quickly at the end.


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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

If there’s one thing I can’t abide, it’s a young lad in a hoodie! It just makes them look so slovenly and loutish! I always want to smack their bottoms when I see them, so my fingers began seriously itching the moment the Hoodie appeared in this video. The boy’s laziness and smoking just put the lid on things for me and I was glad to see Tony take him in hand and lead him away, into the house for a good hiding!

The errant youth’s track-suit-bottoms sat perfectly over his nicely rounded bum as he was laid over Tony’s knee, showing it off to spankable perfection! Tony makes his usual thorough job of spanking the lad, working his way around his backside and sit-spot, laying on 216 good smacks on his trackies-seat before pulling the trackies down for further punishment!

“Oh, YES!!!” I ejaculated out loud! WOW!!!! Of course, I’d been thinking ‘I wonder what colour underpants he’s wearing?!’ And when I saw that he had royal-blue briefs on, O ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven!!! What a TREMENDOUS spanky treat!!! Not only my all-time favourite colour for spankingwear, but briefs too, classically brief and close-fitting! Making me realise that when it comes to punishment underpants, briefs definitely have the edge the way they frame boys’ bottoms for smacking! My own naughty boys are very aware of my preferences in this respect and are most obliging in frequently wearing them when they have to report to me for spankings! I appreciate their wearing briefs all the more for discipline when none of them would think of wearing them as their regular underpants! Briefs – coloured briefs anyway – have been something of a rarity at Jock Spank, although, thanks to BBFC, we have seen quite a few boys smacked in coloured briefs in recent months! It is a development I welcome and applaud from the heart of my bottom!

288 smacks on the pants are followed by 186 across the bare bottom – a slightly downier bottom than we are used to seeing at BBFC! I reckon the young man was lucky there – it’s quite a short set on the naked buttocks by BBFC standards!

Will the young rascal have learnt his lesson? Will he still walk around looking like a proper scruff in that hoodie? We’ll wait and see…secretly I’m hoping the answer will be No to the first question and Yes to the second! Time will tell…

Please bring on the Hoodie again soon, Tony! Maybe having to bend over for a good hard dose of the cane would give him the attitude adjustment he so clearly needs! And please do encourage him in his wearing of coloured briefs – the briefer, the better!

1 year ago

With Mason away on annual fortnightly family Summer visit (getting cosily clothed-cur-cones-smacked by kindly cooing kinsmen, silly-sweet sissy-soft  stuff compared to Tony’s tireless thorny teen-tail-tanning), all ‘his’ chores fall directly to junior roommate trainee Jonny ‘Hoodie’, similarly said scoundrel squirt’s strict supervision and severe spot-on spanking-sanctions solely to strict Sir, soon shocked to see the shameless saved squatter smoking ‘stead of spade-working. Seeking suitable shamefaced submission, Sir starts stat sermoning and soundly spanking three-tier OTK, sighs seeing it shaln’t succeed so simply, so sternly starts sending the stupidly-stubborn spankee swiftly for a sturdy sally switch, Sir shall surely spill senior sweat this Summer-stage, strong-armed swaying and smashing it striking the sinful smoker’s stripped seat securing a steadily-severer-smoked stripling-stern slowly stirs sincere shame and ‘serenely sobbing’ submission.
Sir shall send the steadily-scarlet-striped-seat-sorely-sorrier spankee for seven plus seven sally switches for so-many stripping-and-sizzling-spanking-sessions, saving-up the same systematically for a super-staunch sally-birch, which will be weighty, worshipfulness-waking, waiting for Mason to wield-on wickedly-well as warm welcome-back, and warmest warning to whip the wayward whippersnapper as well or a way-worthier wriggling-worms-whooper will wrathfully work-over the weakling willow-whip-wielder as well!