Spanking Army Boys : Army 2012 Jirka

0212 Army (Jirka)

The soldier Jirka has office assignments, and his NCO notices he has done a bad job and so calls him back to his office and decides to punish him before sending him back to do the job again. Soldier Jirka knows he cannot refuse a punishment order, and so strips naked and readies his backside for what he knows will be a painful flogging with the cane. The soldier endures what he knows is going to be just the first of his many punishments with extreme difficulty, he knows there is no escaping it when punishment is assigned to him. All in all the soldier is also severely punished with round after round of the stinging cane administered in several different positions, and then the even more painful horse whip is used, as well as a healthy dose of hardy hand spankings interspersed through it all.


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Title 2257

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