Spankfest 2 – by Brett Stevens (Part 2)

The second set of images from the new Bret Stevens Compilation Spankfest 2

 Revenge for the London Riots

Bad boy Brett really starts to wriggle when that bath brush starts to bite!!

Sticky Fingers Part 2

 Learning Curve

 The Porno

Click here to see the first set of pictures and to watch the 4 minute trailer


Spank Brett’s bare bottom to visit




SpankFest Part 1 available for a limited period

Brett has re-released SpankFest Part 1 for a limited period until April 30th 

Click here to see pictures and Click here video trailer for Spankfest Part 1

2 Responses to Spankfest 2 – by Brett Stevens (Part 2)

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    The -fest part has been overused too often,
    but(t) not when a bare-butt-beatable boy as beautiful Brett bloody-becomingly bares both buttocks before being blazingly bottom-buns-bark-blistered bare-balls, that’s a bang-on spankophile feast every time!

  2. what do i get i am 6 year old boy in pe shorts no pants nothing else you caught me stealing in your house what is my punishment sir