The Guy Next Door!

Brett’s next door neighbour has a hot tub. Brett decides to take his mates over for some fun in the tub. The lads are having a great time, stripping off and drinking beer in the hot tub. The owner turns up unexpectedly. One lad makes a run for it whilst the other three have to pay the price, either get punished or the guy next door is gonna tell Brett’s Mum and Dad The three boys end up inside the neighbours house, still naked from the hot tub fully exposed for all to see. The neighbour puts them over a spanking bench and one by one the are given a hard caning. The neighbour really goes to town and dishes out some more, this time with each naughty lad strapped down over the bench!
(This clip contains scenes of naked straight guys getting caned)! 

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3 Responses to The Guy Next Door!

  1. wonderous wiggling

  2. Sooo sexy. Can`t get better than lads being caned by another young guy.

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    gorgeous asses!