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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Jonathon and Andy – Joint Spanking

    From Straight Lads Spanked staring Andy and Jonathon
    Andy Lee and Jonathan have been chilling out and making mess! The mucky pups are ordered to get the room tidied! 


    Andy decides that he is not a cleaner so tells Jonathan to get on with it.


    When Jonathan refuses Andy drags the handsome young man over his knee and spanks his bottom! 


    Andy is caught in the act by Steven and Mr X!


    Jonathan gets revenge when he is given permission to spank Andy!
    It is a sight to behold seeing this muscular straight lad draped over Jonathan’s knee getting his bottom spanked!

    The finale of this movie is a lot of fun as both Steven and Mr X teach the naughty lads a lesson!

  • Magic Spanking Factory: – Revenge for Prague

    Jonathon pays the penalty for filming with a different spanking studio, as JustMagic from the Magic Spanking Factory explains:

    Followers of some of the spanking blogs will no doubt know that Jonathon has been moonlighting at the Sting studios in Prague. 

     I was of course completely infuriated when I found about this and even more so when the urchin denied having ever been in Prague. It is fairly obvious that Jonathon was heading towards a good belting and that is indeed what he gets. Bent over a high backed chair I whack him on the jeans with my heavy leather belt. When he drops his jeans and is standing there wearing his baby blue cotton underpants he just looks so innocent. I do not allow myself to be deceived though and continue his well earned beating. His groaning and yelping do not help him either and soon the cruel belt is biting into the naked flesh of his well rounded buttocks….. I’ll give him Prague!!! 

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  • Sting: 1900 Return to the House of Correction

    Posted on by Ward

    Sting’s latest download 1900 Return to the House of correction

    The Police courts are busy and Colonel Templeton Lee’s Juvenile House of Correction couldn’t be busier. New arrivals who do not pull their weight are soon in line for some serous discipline.


    Albert Stanton (Leonardo King) is one such lad who finds himself hauled up in front of the Governor. At the turn of the century and for many years after to maintain good discipline the most sensible thing to do was to lay on some corrective punishment. 


    In this case it’s a good breeches down spanking for Stanton …


    .. followed by the burning sting of the old leather tawse, its bands of fire well laid across his bare backside.


    John Hawkins (Jay Faith) a new inmate freshly arrived from York is taken over the knee of Warder Mr Sturchley (Dexter) just to introduce him to what’s expected from a new inmate.


    Meanwhile the Colonel deals with another younger Warder, Mr Hawksley (Mike Cross) who has been taking far too many liberties in his exalted position.


    A humiliating bare bottom spanking for this insolent young officer…


    …followed by a session with the salt water soaked birch, which he would normally wield himself!


    Now the time has come to carry out the sentences imposed by the courts. First to be put over the birching pony is John Hawkins.


    The executioner is Mr Strurchley stripped to the waist and ready to lay on some scorching strokes. Twenty Four burning lashes later the lad’s slate is wiped clean but with more time to serve he must still be on his best behaviour all the same! 


    Finally young Arthur Crosby (Jonathan, appearing courtesy of The Magic Spanking Factory) is ordered over the well used birching pony. The sentence is read out and the boy is secured, Mr Butcher (Marco) flexes the cruel birch bringing it down with relish on to Arthur’s defenceless bare bottom.


    One by one the strokes lash down and Arthur begins to howl, his raw bare buttocks blazing from the whippy birch twigs relentlessly biting home.
    The lad quickly makes up his mind that It will be sometime if ever before he Returns to the House Of Correction!


    There is a link to the Sting Title 2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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  • Jonathon’s First Punishment – FREE

    To celebrate JockSpank’s 5th Anniversary JustMagic from the Magic Spanking Factory has generously contributed a free copy the popular Jonathon’s First Ever Punishment – which can be downloaded FREE from the from the links below

    The Free 5.11 minute video can be downloaded from either of the following links

    (When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen – See illustration below)

  • Jonathon The Slut

    When the cat is away the naughty mice like to play, and what naughtier mouse is there than bad boy Jonathon? As soon as the young rascal discovered his strict father would be home later due to a business meeting he decided this was the perfect opportunity to get up to some rather kinky mischief.

    Once father is safely at the airport, the naughty lad hurries to a local shop and, ignoring quizzical glances from other customers, proceeds to buy women’s underwear and make up, which he then takes home, planning to experiment with one of the new fetishes he had discovered on one of the filthy websites he clandestinely visits from the secrecy of his bedroom at night.
    Although Jonathon is straight, he has reached that point where his young body is exploring new ideas and new sensations whilst his mind is predominantly obsessed with sex and constantly searching for new sexual experiences.

    His latest discovery had been a website focusing on cross dressing and he planned to try this new kink out while he father was away.

    Once he gets home Jonathon heads for the bathroom where he strips naked and begins applying make up before trying on first pantyhose and then lacy white knickers. While doing so he begins to touch and manipulate his large and quiveringly youthful cock which instantly stiffens into erect attention.
      Unlucky for Jonathon his fun is about to come to a sudden and painful ending.

     His father’s business partner had called off the meeting at the last moment, so Dad has now time to come home. He returns and catches his son engaged in what he views as disgusting and perverted activity. Father is furious and Jonathon is in big trouble.
    Naturally, after being ordered to take a shower, our young hero soon finds himself in a very familiar position, across his father’s knees with his upturned young bottom forming a very tempting target for the older man’s firm hand.

    After first being soundly spanked on the seat of his underpants, Jonathon suffers the humiliation of then being spanked whilst wearing the lacy white knickers he bought earlier.

    However, finally even that skimpy layer of protection is removed, and the leather like palm of father’s hand, followed by his belt, is forcibly applied the to the young man’s increasingly tender and very bare behind.

    After his brief experiment with cross dressing, Jonathan discovers that, although they say pink is for a girl, it can also be the blushing colour of a very sore and well spanked bad boy’s naked and tender bottom.


  • Jonathon and the Stolen Laptop

    Posted on by Ward
    From The Magic Spanking Factory: That sweet and beautiful urchin Jonathon has aroused JustMagic’s suspicion yet again. All of a sudden he appeared at the house with a very expensive laptop. Upon further questioning he was not able to give a sufficient answer to as where he had got it from.
    JustMagic was not in the mood for taking NO for an answer and thought a beating might help to get to the bottom of things. (so to speak). Jonathon was soon over JustMagic’s knee displaying his bright yellow underpants and taking a good hand spanking on his wonderful well rounded buttocks. 
    Later, bent over in the Winchester position Jonathon is probably the perfect spankee. The wonderful very red hue of his naked bottom is just a joy to look at. 
    By the way: This clip has an added 20 second bonus of a blooper which occurred right at the start of filming and shows just how charming this actor is. 

    Preview trailer

    Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with Blogger tonight and I am unable to post the video trailer right now, however, you can download the trailer from sendspace by Clicking here

    (When downloading from sendspace click on the blue bar with the arrow and message “click here to download from sendspace)

  • Jonathon’s Bathbrush Punishment

    Posted on by Ward


    Dad is not happy AT ALL! He discovers that Jonathon has not gone to school but instead hidden his schoolbag in his bedroom. Just wait till that boy gets home he thinks. Pacing the living room with a bath brush in his hand he is really livid. 
    When the urchin arrives home and lies to his father at first his fate is sealed. 

     Jonathon has never had the bath brush before so in the beginning he is not too concerned. 


    That attitude changes after the first few swats on his pulled up tight jeans. 


    The boy cannot believe how painful the punishment is and wants his father to stop beating him.



    His father though is determined to see the punishment through and says that he is looking forward to Jonathon’s cries of pain and indignation when his jeans come down.


    Soon the lad is feeling the wicked brush on his pristine, white, schoolboy underpants. The pain on Jonathon’s face and his constant yelping just drive his father on to give him more of the same.


    The father’s disgust reaches new heights when he takes the boy’s tighty whities down and sees that Jonathon is sporting an erection! 




    When the brush lands on the boy’s perfectly round, naked buttocks Jonathon thinks it is the worst punishment he has ever had…. 

    Soon Jonathon’s bare young bottom is glowing pink as his well deserved punishment continues … 


    At the end of it all he is told to kneel in the corner to cool his burning bottom and think about his deeds.

    Video trailer

    More from JustMagic: Although I didn’t hit him that hard Jonathon really hated this punishment. He told me afterwards that I was mean not to have warned him about the devastating effect of the brush (he called it “the brush of death”) and that he would prefer a hard caning any day!  ….. I think next week he will regret those words! 

  • Very Naughty Jonathon

    Posted on by Ward
    Jonathon shocked his dad completely by using uncouth language to describe that iconic artist Michelangelo. His father, being a culture vulture, was flabbergasted when his son called Michelangelo a “cocksucker”! When Jonathon then told his father that he “didn’t give a fuck” about using bad language his father finally had had enough…

    Seconds later dad had his heavy leather belt in his hand and ordered Jonathon to stand up against the bookcase. In unbelievably tight shorts Jonathon’s bottom was soon reaping the benefits of a hard belting.

    Suddenly Jonathon is pulled over his father’s knee and the beating continues with strict hand spanking. Jonathons shorts show up the form of his buttocks extremely well and his father’s hand has no problem finding the juicy target.

    When the shorts come down and Jonathon is exposed only wearing thin tighty whities the slaps increase in intensity as does Jonthon’s howling and begging for his dad to stop.

    The boy’s torment is finally brought to an end after his naked buttocks are soundly spanked before being treated to a good long portion of cuts with a swishy peeled cane.

     This is a classic Jonathon clip and the intro I think will make you laugh out loud.

  • Jonathon – Made Hairless and Belted

    He is probably the cutest and sexiest of all the Factory guys and in this clip he is in great form.


    Arriving home from the chemists and finding him self alone Jonathon reads the instructions on a box of hair removal cream.


    Deciding that his timing is perfect he strips off and carefully applies the cream to his genitals and surrounding pubes.


    The views offered in this part of the clip are extremely candid. The cream has to stay on for five or six minutes to take effect. 


    He then goes to the shower and with a small towel and round water he washes of the cream and his previously quite bushy pubes. Soon he is standing there as naked as the day he was born! Grabbing a razor to finish the job he himself is more than happy with the results. 


    Unfortunately just as he is about to end his task his father arrives home. Finding a pile of pubic hair in the living room, his father wonders what on earth is going on. As he opens the bathroom door he is shocked to see Jonathon standing there, semi-erect, smooth as a baby and with his razor in his hands. 


    He drags the boy into the living room and leaves him to fetch a tough leather belt. Jonathons gorgeous bottom is going to feel this spanking in a big way, he realises that himself and pulls on his white underpants for protection. His father returns and orders the boy to lie down on the chaise longue and commences to beat him on his raised up buttocks.


    Jontahon whimpers that he is sorry and that he will never do it again but his father is too enraged to listen. Over and over again the tough leather strap lands on Jonathon’s glowing tender bottom. Through gritted teeth he manages to ask his dad how long he will be belted for. “Until I think you have learned your lessen boy” is the answer the poor urchin gets as a reply.


    Suddenly the belting stops, Jonathon’s father orders the boy to stand up only to drag him over his knee and continue the beating with a good hand spanking. The boy tries at one point to wriggle out of the embarrassing position only to feel his father’s iron grip on his genitals.



    Finally his father has given the boy enough. Jonathon promises profoundly never ever to do anything like that again. His disgusted father just orders him to sweep up the pubic evidence of a debauched morning.

  • Jonathon’s Trepidation

    Jonathon is back and he’s nervous!!

    Poor Jonathon sits there waiting for his strict father to come home. He knows in advance that his father is going to chastise him. Full of trepidation he is sitting on a chair testing the paddle that will soon be used to redden his bare young bottom.

     Hiitting himself on his hand legs and buttocks…….

     he realizes that very soon he will be very sore indeed!!

    When his Father arrives he wastes no time at all in pulling the urchin over his knee.
    Pulling up his already tight cut-off jeans Jonathon’s father begins to give the boy a good hand spanking. 
     Soon his offspring is whimpering beacuse of the pain and no doubt embarrassment.

     After treating Jonathon’s jean clad bottom to a good spanking his father opens the lad’s jeans and pulls them down. Jonathons whimpering and moaning get louder as he begins to feel the force of his angry father’s hand even more. 

     The boy’s deep blue underpants do not offer him scant protection for very long as they are also soon pulled down.
    When the father realises that his hand is hurting as much as his son’s naked bottom he starts to beat him with the nasty hard leather paddle.


    By this time Jonathon is really feeling the heat on his upturned ever reddening exposed naked globes and his howling almost continuous.
    After pushing him from his laft the father gives the boy more swats while he is trying to writhe away on the floor.



    The trailer can also be downloaded from SendSpace by clicking here

    Lovers of classic OTK will very much appreciate this clip with good looking, smooth buttocked Jonathon as the recipient.

    Spank Jonathon’s bottom to visit the