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  • Jonathon gets a “Very Red Bum” at the Magic Spanking Factory


    A Very Red Bum

    Although that perpetual naughty boy Jonathon lost his drivers license a few months ago he could not resist “borrowing” Stephen’s car. That was a very bad decision on his part.


    Not only did he drive the car without a license, but he also almost crashed it. He drove it recklessly hitting a high curb, which ruined the wheel and burst the tyre. The car had, of course, to be towed away to be repaired. (That by the way is a 100% true account of what actually happened. The evidence can be seen in the clip)


    There was no way Stephen was going to let the young rascal get away with it and he intended to give the lad the strict punishment he deserved.


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  • Jonathon – Punished for Cheating Twice

     At the Magic Spanking Factory Jonathon is in trouble and JustMagic explains why:

    Schoolboy Jonathon arrives home from school and is not looking very happy. When he hands me a letter from his headmaster I soon realise why. The urchin was caught cheating at his mathematics exam!
    I was of course very angry at Jonathon putting the family name to such shame…



      He knew of course what was coming. I ordered him to his room telling him to wait on me coming down. While Jonathon sat on his bed waiting he thought he would now cheat ME! 

     He pulled on three extra pairs of underpants and was quite pleased with himself as he was convinced his ruse would work.

     When I entered his room Jonathon was still in his grey shorts and sitting on his bed. Pulling him over my knee I start by giving him a long hard hand spanking. I did note that his shorts were tighter than usual but thought nothing of it. His continual moaning and groaning was of course just him acting.
      He probably didn’t feel anything through his shorts and FOUR pairs of underpants.
     Then Jonathon’s luck ran out! ..I told him to stand up and drop his shorts, intending to finish off his beating with six strokes of the cane.


     After caning him I decide to give a few more slaps. That is when I discover that Jonathon is wearing multiple underpants. I intend to teach him a lesson he will never forget.
     On each if his underpants he receives another six stinging strokes with the cane. Now he is not faking the pain I can assure you!

     Finally he’d run out of underpants


      After his underwear (all of it) has been removed I order him to lie naked on the bed. The lashing with the cane continues until the wretched boy begs to me stop punishing his well marked buttocks.
      I agree that has had enough on his buttocks but surprise him by pulling his legs up and backwards exposing the most intimate part of the boy’s bottom.

     The biting strokes he receives between his cheeks evokes loud screams of pain.

     WARNING! This clip contains very graphic views of Jonathon’s anus.

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  • Sting: Trailer for Tales from the HeadMaster’s Study II “Wheals of Misfortune”

    Scroll down to view the preview video trailer for Trailer for Tales from the HeadMaster’s Study II “Wheals of Fortune” staring Toby Haines, Xander Holister and Jonathon



    Running Time: 00:30:32

  • Jonathon – Beaten for Watching Porn

    As an extra treat, here is JockSpank’s third helping of bad boy Jonathon this week. In Beaten for Watching Porn  He has as usual been very naughty, and, as usual, he gets just what he deserves.  I will hand over to his father figure, Just Magic to describe the scene!….

    Nasty, nasty Jonathon was watching the most disgusting porn on the internet when I sneaked into his room and caught him. My timely intervention probably saved the urchin from a vile session of depraved, frantic masturbation. Wearing only a thin, tight and shiny pair of shorts he had already started to stimulate himself and was almost ready to begin soiling himself. Luckily I was there to prevent the catastrophe!

    I was not going to let him get away with his depraved behavior and grabbing a slipper I pulled him over my knee. His juicy buttocks could be seen shimmering through the thin fabric of his shiny shorts and made an almost perfect target for the wicked slipper. Boys of his age should not be watching porn on the internet and I was determined that he would pay for his filthy habit. Blow after blow rained down on his taut bottom and his howling did not deter me from delivering even more severe blows. The glowing hue of his perfect buttocks which I was greeted with after pulling down his shorts convinced me I was doing the right thing. After continuing the spanking with the slipper I told the boy to lay on the bed. He drew some comfort from the fact that he could at least hug his teddy bear while the strap now more than hugged his sore bottom. Ordering him to get his bottom in the air and his shoulders down on the bed he was in an extremely exposed and embarrassing position. Again and again the strap hit his exposed buttocks, a couple of times even hitting the most intimate part of the shameless boy’s body.  JM

    Video trailer 
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  • Sting: T​ales from the Headmaster’s Study 11 – ​ Wheals of Misfortune

    staring Xander Holister, Toby Haines and Jonathon
    Well in to the term and prefect Brian Harper (Toby Haines) has gotten himself in to detention again. How he keeps his badge is anyone’s guess!

    Elsewhere for his clinic appointment is Taylor Crosby (Jonathon) He has plans for later and that doesn’t include going back to school. He’s going to meet up with Watson (Xander Hollister) who we last saw being punished by the Headmaster for misappropriating another master’s funds, in other words nicking cash!

    It’s the Headmaster who finds Harper sitting in detention. Unluckily for this hapless senior it’s the very classroom the Head is to take a lesson in. Annoyed that Harper is there in the first place he decides to mete out a faster and of course more painful reminder to behave. The senior perfect soon finds his bottom bared and a hail of stinging hand slaps connecting with his well-rounded cheeks.
    The now reddened orbs of young Harper are repositioned to meet the cruel leather strap conveniently left in the desk draw by Mr Roberts, whose classroom this normally is. The Headmaster wastes no time in putting this well used instrument to good use, the pale cheeks of this petulant prefect now burning with each lash.

    Crosby and Watson didn’t get back to school that day and spent most of it in an amusement arcade. Their luck ran out however when they were spotted and this information was quickly passed back to the College. Unsurprisingly the Headmaster is furious. These two rascals are going to be severely dealt with and a good spanking for each of them is just a start!

    Watson is first over the Headmasters lap


     Next the first stage of Crosby’s punishment begins

     If they think their ordeal is over they are very much mistaken

    Being out of college without the knowledge of a master is a serious issue, one that needs firm correction. For this the cane is the only option. Both boys are ordered over the Heads study desk and a burning set of stripes is applied to both lads protruding and twitching backsides.


    For young Crosby however this is just a start. His Housemaster Mr Eisenburg also the German teacher will be none too happy to hear of this episode. His method of punishment will no doubt be a very long and firm spanking.

    Certainly these lads have turned an unlucky Wheal of Misfortune.

    (Jonathon a appears courtesy of the Magic Spanking Factory)


    Running Time: 00:30:32

  • Jonathon in “OKTOBERFEST”

    As requested we are reposting some of the older Magic Spanking Factory clips staring Jonathon


    It will soon be the Oktoberfest beer festival and Jonathon is getting into practice
    The half drunken urchin has no idea of the danger he is getting himself and his tender young bottom into
     Jonathon’s strict father is furious to find his son in this state
     However, he knows just the way to sober up the naughty youth
     Unfortunately dad’s hand is having little affect on the boy’s lederhosen clad bottom
     So he tries various different implements
     First his belt
     While Father then goes in search of his cane, naughty Jonathan grabs a quick drag of a cigarette 
     Dad’s Back!!
     And he has the cane
     Next father tries the carpet beater
     Which really hurts the young rascal’s bottom
     This is having the right result!
     Especially on his tight white underpants
     and then on his little bare, and already very sore bottom
     Jonathon’s bottom is now the right shade of pink!
     But Father still finishes the job with a stinging hand spanking
     Before taking Jonathon’s beer and cigarettes and leaving the unhappy, and now very sober lad to think about what he’s done
     A naked Jonathon heads for the hot tub in the garden

     The naughty youth is desperate to find some means of soothing his burning bottom

     But as his expression shows, it will take a lot more than that to ease the sting!
    Our boy will not be sitting comfortably for some time!!

    Jonathon in lederhosen

  • By Popular Demand – Jonathon Mowing the Lawn

    By popular request I am re-posting on of Jonathon from the Magic Spanking Factory‘s earlier movie trailers
    Lazy Jonathon is supposed to be mowing the lawn, but decided it would just be more relaxing to do a bit of sunbathing instead​. However, as usual, the naughty lad end​s getting only one part of his body properly tanned! (guess which part ?!!) when his angry father shows Jonathon the error of his ways with a firm hand and a stinging leather belt applied where it does the most good. 


     Pulling him by his ear into the house his father wastes no time whatsoever and spanks the unlucky youth’s pert, and soon to be bare, bottom.

     Then sitting him on the table and forcing his legs behind his sons head Dad slaps the smooth glowing and now very exposed buttocks completely ignoring Jonathon’s wailing. 
     What an embarrassing position for a young man!

     That must have stung!!

     After a final round with the belt Jonathon is told to get dressed and finally get the grass cut,
    ….with an extra still **stinging** incentive to keep him working.

    Don’t ya’ love a happy ending?!!


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  • Jonathon in He Got What he Deserved

    A recent release by the Magic Spanking Factory is He Got What he Deserved staring the very popular Jonathon.  JustMagic describes the action as follows:

    Jonathon, being a fairly typical young lad, had been getting on my nerves. He had unfortunately become lazy and very untidy and was acting as if he owned MY house.

    When I sit down to have a talk to him and he adds insult to injury by blowing smoke in my face I am not very happy at all. I order him to go and clean up his pig sty of a room. His reaction was to run out of the house but not before SLAPPING MY FACE and calling me a BASTARD!

    (I can see the glee in some of your faces)

    After recovering from this shocking experience I drove off looking for him but not before taking a riding quirt with me to use for self defense just in case he gets violent. I abhor violence and was determined to throw him out of the house. I finally find him in a derelict building. Cowering in a corner I tell him to stand up and let him know that he can pack his bags and could sleep on the streets for all I care. The mixed up begs forgiveness and says it will never happen again. I say that I am not interested but finally give in when I see how distraught he is. He sees that I have the crop with me and offers to take a beating when we get home. I let him know that he is going to get a beating “here and now”

    He is ordered to strip and lean against the wall with his bottom well presented. The cruel crop soon has the miscreant yelping with pain as his smooth naked buttocks receive stroke after stroke of the stinging instrument. When I turn him around it is obvious the boy doesn’t have himself under control as I am greeted with a huge erection. My disgust is palpable.
    I order him to get dressed but tell him he is going to be caned when we get back home. And caned he is! Being at heart a very kind person I offer his sore and marked bottom some comfort by softly rubbing cooling cream into his naked buttocks. Once he has dressed he is informed that he will immediately clean his room then mow the lawn and clear up the kitchen All he can answer is “Yes Stephen, of course”
    Nuff said……..


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  • Sting : Video trailer for 1900 Return to the House of Correction

     Scroll down to view the video trailer for 1900 Return to the House of Correction 

    Leonardo King
    Mike Cross
    Jay Faith
    and Jonathon 
    (appearing by permission of the Magic Spanking Factory)
    with Dexter and Marco handing out the punishment

    Preview trailer


  • Sting: Approved Education – (Part 5) The Red Book


    For it’s Headmaster running a place like Bishopsfield Approved Education centre is a daunting task. To help remember the various misdemeanours carried out by its young inmates he keeps a record of offences. The Red Book, aptly named, is consulted to see at what stage punishment will have to be administered. Too many entries and a lad can expect to be on the receiving end of the strap or reluctantly pulling his trousers down for a sound spanking!

    Young Tom Harris (Nicholas Salter) has reached his limit in the book and now must face the consequences.

     A good spanking is laid on to his smooth bare, upturned, bottom…..

     and followed by a dose of fiery lashes of the punishment strap. 


    Harris’s friend John Stephens (New StingLad Jayce Martin) fairs no better and he too has reached his black mark limit. Sent to the gym his bare backside soon resembles the cover of the very book he appears in. 


    Then the biting sole of the India rubber gym shoe finishes off the disciplinary session with Stephens yelping his way bitterly to its conclusion. 


    Keith Kirby (Jonathan) is another young lad on the list. Its early days for him at Bishopsfield but that doesn’t stop him being initiated in to how to behave.


    In his pyjamas and taken across the knee of the Headmaster he is soon squealing and squirming his way through his first good spanking, his muscular bare bottom turning redder with each stinging slap!


    Lastly is Paul Benson (Rudi Vallance) he’s decided running away from Bishopsfield was the best option however as with most lads he is quickly caught. Waiting in the corner of the Heads study he knows the inevitable sentence of corporal punishment is certain to follow. 


    He’s not wrong of course and soon too his well rounded bare bottom is burning to the well exercised right arm of the head…


    ….and the scorching sting of the heavy leather punishment strap. 

    Time perhaps to avoid, at all costs, appearing in the Headmaster’s Red Book.

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