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  • Sting: The Bully Gets His Well Deserved Comeuppance in “The Reformatory 3” (Part 2 of 2)

    The Reformatory 3

    Part 2

    Wayne Brewster was pretty pleased with himself when he got young Tommy West into trouble, resulting in poor Tommy getting unfairly punished. However, the arrogant bully had forgotten about one thing! ……

    The CCTV camera had seen everything and as they say the camera never lies. The cocky Brewster, thinking he has got away with it, is hauled before the Warden. Now the evidence is out in the open and he has nowhere to hide.

    Brewster knows his ass is toast … literally

    For getting young West in to so much trouble he too is now sent to the punishment room. On arrival he finds Tommy West is waiting there too. Mr Sharpe, his section officer, hands the paddle to West, a more severe holed one this time, with instruction to give him a good licking!


    What a tempting target!


    Tommy is going to really enjoy this


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  • Straight Lads Spanked: Parker – Office Bully Spanked

    Parker has been caught fiddling the office expenses! The co-worker who caught him gave him an ultimatum, go to Mr X to get punished or the boss gets informed. 
    Mr X soon discovers that Parker has been a mean bully and has been terrorising the colleague who caught him stealing. It’s time he received some of his own medicine.
    Parker, is a cocky and, arrogant young man. Most offices have them! Well in this case you get to see the mean bully brought down to size and given the hard, humiliating, bare bottom over the knee spanking he so clearly deserves!
     A bully about to get his comeuppance

     Starting with a series of resounding smacks on the seat of his smart, snug fitting, suit pants

     Parker begins to realise that spanking stings – and its only just begun
    Get that shirt off ……………….. and now your pants!! 

    The thin cotton of Parker’s tight underpants offers little protection from Mr, X’s remorseless and well practiced palm …

    Now Parker will be spanked hard and long on his, already burning and bright red, bare bottom – the ultimate humiliation

     Now he’s really feeling it!! 
     But Mr. X has only just started

    Kicking his legs like a naughty child

     Attitude Adjustment!

    Comment by JockSpank: Believe me, after the first couple of minutes you will really want to see Parker get spanked, and when he does there is a really satisfying sense of pleasure at seeing this smug arrogant bully getting his just deserts.

    The transition from a cocky swaggering bully to a contrite, red bottomed, and very sorry for himself brat will leave most spanking fans ready to cheer! – certainly one of Mr. X’s most deserving victims 


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  • Coach Bailey – Revenge Is Sweet

    Coach Bailey – Revenge is sweet was the video members of the Straight Lads Spanked voted first choice to be released last week 

     Coach Bailey has been taking matters into his own hands when it comes to disciplining the swimming team. The parents have decided that he has taken things too far and in fact Dom’s Dad has filed a complaint and said that if Bailey is not properly disciplined he will be reported to the Police for the brutal paddling he gave Dom in Coach Rules Hard

    So Bailey has been sent to see Mr X to ensure that the arrogant bully receives a taste of his own medicine. 
     Things turn out far more humiliating than Bailey could ever of dreamed of!
     Guess who’s here!!
    Dom describes how Coach Bailey spanked and then paddled him
    Coach Bailey is mortified that the young player will observe his humiliating punishment

    Pants down and spanked on the seat of his tight underwear
    Dom enjoys the spectacle

    Now naked Bailey’s embarrassing comeuppance continues

    Spanked on his bare bottom while his previous victim watches it all

    Now for the paddle

    12 Swats of the stinging wooden paddle

     Revenge is Sweet


     The (*very sore*) End


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  • Jacob Humiliated

    Today’s update at BBFC: Jacob has a couple friends round and they are making a noise in the kitchen as lads do.
    Tony storms in and demands some peace and quiet while he is trying to work, he bends Jacob over the table and spanks him on the jeans in front of his shocked friends.
    Pausing for a moment he tells the other two to leave the room and then proceeds to give jacob a bare ass spanking with the strap.
    Unknown to either party is that the two friends are peeping through the crack in the door and watching Jacob get a spanking.

    finishing off with some hard hand spanking and told to stand up, the two watchers vanish from the door fast at this point….
    Jacob is read the riot act
    He leaves the room only to meet his two giggling fiends waiting by the front door ready to go home.
    The poor lad is so embarrassed and looks crushed as his friends leave the house laughing at him.

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  • Humiliation Hurts! – Louis’s Comeuppance (Part 1)

    Tabloid reporter Louis is really smug when he arrives at StraightHell.net’s studio thinking he is going to do an exploitative expose of their fetish movie business.  However, the Straight Hell guys quickly turn the tables on the arrogant reporter, and, in no time it is they who are exploiting him!!….

    Cutting off his jeans

    Louis demands that his film crew come to his aid, but they just carry on filming!! 

    A painful use for clothes pegs

    A good hard spanking with a leather strap!

    Made to suck their dicks

    Louis ordeal has only just begun ………….

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  • Straight Lads Spanked – Ben’s Humiliation Part 2

     Handsome straight footballer Ben’s sore bottomed humiliation continues

    This movie resumes from exactly where Part One ends! Mr X walk in to discover innocent Karl over Ben’s knee getting his bare bottom spanked!

    Mr x rescues young Karl and he is furious! Ben soon finds himself getting spanked again, this time bare bottom ……

     ….and with Karl watching and laughing. 

    Can the humiliation get any worse for this strapping football player?

    Yes it can!
    Mr X decides that since Ben aggressively spanked Karl then it would only be fair that Karl gets revenge! Ben can’t bear it. He finds himself facing the ultimate humiliation as the older player lies over  Karl’s lap and gets his bare butt 
    Much to Karl’s delight!!
    Ben has never been so humiliated
    Especially when Karl announces he plans to “Tell everyone” what happened

    Poor Ben won’t live this embarrassing spanking down for a long time

    Ben will surely think twice before picking on the younger players again! 

    Humiliation complete!

  • Ben and Karl – The Humiliation (Part 1)

    From Straight Lads Spanked: Watch Handsome Ben get his comeuppance with a heavy layer of *HUMILIATION*

    The Saga of the Footballers Awards ceremony Continues!

    Cocky Ben has behaved very badly! He spiked 18 year old Karl’s drink with Viagra and then locked him in the toilets! Karl could not find a way out and was trapped in there all night long! His parents were frantic with worry and called the police!

    So Ben has been brought to justice! He was sent to see Mr X (the local community spanker) for punishment! Ben thinks he is a tough guy and reckons a spanking is a small price to pay for the fun of the previous night!

    He is already over Mr X’s knee awaiting his punishment when Mr X introduces the surprise guest. He has invited Karl to watch Ben receive his punishment!

    Ben can’t bear it! The humiliation is too much! But he realises he has no choice!

    So once again, Ben drapes himself over Mr X’s knee to receive his punishment! Ben really struggles and can’t stand the fact that Karl is standing there watching and laughing!

    Karl really enjoys seeing his tormentor getting his well deserved comeuppance

    More humiliation for Ben as he is ordered to strip down to his underpants

    Things then take a very interesting turn when Mr X receives a phone call and has to leave the room.

     Lets just say that Ben soon wipes the smile off Karl’s face!!!

    However, not for long Ben’s revenge may be short lived and costly ….

    You don’t want to miss part 2…………

    More from Mr X! This was a very interesting shoot indeed! It was certainly Ben’s toughest spanking to date. This was actually shot just before his birthday spanking. The truth is Ben is in real life a shy guy. He really struggles with the pain of spanking and having Karl there watching was a real issue for him! All adds up to a great movie!

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    Ben and Karl – The Humiliation (Part 2)


  • Bailey Bullies Apprentice – Part One

    Posted on by Ward

    Bailey is back doing building work for Old Mr Smith. Young Billy has also started working for the company as an apprentice and it’s his very first day. The lads are met on the job by Old Mr Smith’s son Danny who is going to be be taking over the day to day running of the company from his father. Danny welcomes Billy to the company and makes sure that both he and Bailey have everything they need to get on with the days job.

    Danny leaves them both to get on with the job and tells Bailey to look after young Billy.

    As soon as Danny has gone Bailey starts ordering Billy around! Sending him down to the van to fetch his newspaper, then his drink and so on! Billy is terrified of Bailey and just does as he is told. Bailey goes on and on at Billy making the poor lads first day at work a complete nightmare!
    “”Go and fetch me a chair”” 
     “”Now go and get my newspaper from the van””
    They are 10 floors up! 

     “”Where’s My Drink Billy””?

    It’s when Bailey starts to use Billy as a footstool that Billy finally loses his cool and tells Bailey that he is going to complain! 
    Big Mistake! 
    Bailey picks Billy up with one strong arm and with the poor lad dangling in mid air proceeds to spank his bottom! This is not what Billy was expecting at his first day on the job! Bailey then throws the lad over one knee, pulls down the lads trousers and continues the spanking over his tight black boxers shorts. Finally these get ripped down and Bailey the Beast lays into the lads bare bottom!!

     “”I’ll show you who the boss is””!!

     “”Stop! Please, Stop!””
     “”What’s Going On Here””??
    Just in time Danny the boss returns and catches Bailey beating Billy! 
    Billy has been rescued!
    “”You are going to get Spanked“”!!

    Danny decides that the only lesson Bailey will ever learn is one of sheer humiliation. He tells Bailey that he is going to get spanked with Billy standing by watching every slap! This is too much for Bailey to comprehend and he refuses point blank! Danny stands firm and simply tells Bailey t pack his tool box and leave! Faced with that stark choice Bailey gives in and drapes himself over Danny’s knee to accept his fate! As the spanking continues Bailey can feel the slaps on his bottom but even worse can feel the gaze from young Billy who is watching with glee as the tough man is taken down to size! 
     “”Sir, not in front of Billy””

     “”Billy is enjoying the show””

     “”No, please don’t make me strip off””
    The show for Billy gets even better when Bailey is first of all stripped of his jeans and then finally stares on as Bailey loses any last traces of dignity when his tight white briefs come down and lying fully exposed gets his bare bottom spanked hard!
     “”Back Over My Knee””

    “”I Can’t Take Anymore””
    Finally the humiliating punishment is over and Danny leaves the two lads to finish the job…….
    There is an unexpected twist at the end which leads nicely into Part Two and even more punishment for Bailey!

    Video Trailer