BBFC: Alejandro Humiliated

BBFC: Alejandro Humiliated

Sometimes a lad’s attitude is just so over the top he needs not only a spanking but some serious humiliation as well.


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Thats why Alejandro finds himself with his legs up and everything on show, not only on show but an ideal target. The leather paddle lands not only on his ass but on his hole as well and that makes him wince and moan, as it should. *

This has to be the most humiliating position for any guy to find himself in, and made to stay in while he is spanked. Something different from Alejandro and maybe this will make sure his attitude improves in the future.


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1 year ago

Alejandro pouts, feeling flailers-fucked far from fairly: after another academic A-grade term and admirable aristocratic attitude all year, most of this supposedly-splendid Summer wasn’t spent spoiled in the patriarch’s party-prone palace, but(t) bound to be boyhood-bared-beheld blazingly bottom-beaten beyond-black-and-blue, bum-blistered over and over for the foundation’s promotion of traditional, CP-based education.
In these few remaining holiday weeks off till his next term at university, Alejandro’s comital lord father ‘volunteered’ the fine filial fledgling for Sir’s fiercely-spankophile frat’s brand-new branches in Baltic universities as hazing-course helper with aristocratic cousin-buddy Diego, held to teach their hazers-elect how to proceed precisely to pedagogical and punitive pants-down paddlings, taking turns as spanker and spankee, suffering more then an average pledge’s hell-week in a single day each time.
Travel-fond Swedish uncle Axel is to take him there too, and again arse-abusive, as a single snear about his unfair additional assignment earns him a diaper-positioned dire dose of defrocked-devilkin-derriere-discipline, definitely destined for far worse back home, when Axel reports his ‘rebellious rant’ to his lord father, who usually doubles all discipline-doses from third persons or worse, while substituting the awesomely-awfully-anal-area-agonizing ancestral azote for any attribute, assuring appropriate absolutely-abject-arse-agonized-aristocratic-Andalusian-adolescent-attrition, as always at-home and almost-anywhere.