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Warning: The latest release from Spanking Boys Video, features a young male being punished by a strict female

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Noah Eden CFNM

Visiting her boyfriend today is Aurora, Noah’s fiancée. While the conversation goes on, Noah’s Master arrives and the boy introduces him to his girlfriend. Master is happy to meet Aurora, and he explains the rules of the house to her: there’s a treatment for the guests of the household who behave badly and today, Noah had promised to do some gardening job that he didn’t do. At first, Aurora is dismayed by this rule, but then Master asks her to spank her fiancée:

so, the poor boy gets first spanked hard with a painful wooden spoon by his girlfriend, on his jeans, then on his underwear and finally, on his bare buttocks. Aurora also engages in some hard hand spanking, for an all round humiliation.

Aurora seems to have already gotten into character: in a sultry way, she rubs and caresses Noah’s body to make him feel reassured before asking him to take the wheelbarrow position. Once he’s in placed in such humiliating and uncomfortable position, Aurora starts striking with the wooden spoon first and then by hand, both given with great dexterity, making her boyfriend suffer adequately while still caring after him. Once this part is done, Noah is required to do a series of jumping jacks and muscle flexing, naked.

Now he is severely strapped by both Master and his own girlfriend but also spanked properly, and by the two! By now, it’s hard to say who is being the more severe. And if that alone wasn’t enough, the young lad is also humiliated by Master holding his ass cheeks open while Aurora targets his intimate asshole.

Master asks Aurora to spank her boyfriend on his legs with the wooden spoon first and then by hand, all on her own. Noah can’t help but try to take his deserved punishment in the best way possible: he wants to show his is girlfriend that he can endure it like a real man… unfortunately for him though, she seems to have learned fast how to punish him efficiently,

Well done Aurora!

From Spanking Boys Video

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Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
2 months ago

Noah has a god bod that cannot be missed! Treat yourself to a tremendous Christmas gift from East Europe! See Mosh put in all of our favorite positions and spanked by his girlfriend and the master! A spanking video of the year, the best one! Also see from this great studio star Bart Kuna’s videos. More excellence!