Training4Boys: Scott Training

Scott is pulled by the ear and brought to a severe disciplinary training session. Scott is first punished with a leather tawse on his palms, then with ferocious caning and loud hand spanking on his bare buttocks too. Scott’s training continues and Master shows the boy a new pain tool: a long and thin whip, very painful, that Master can use very skilfully.

Scott’s ass, besides getting well whipped, is spanked properly with a heavy hand, even between the buttocks. After taking off his white shirt, Scott’s discipline training continues with a sound whipping of his ass, followed by a proper spank with a heavy hand, even between the buttocks. Master’s hands feel good on the poor boy’s asshole. The boy gets whipped well and has to take it like a man. Master wants to conclude with the cane which is really hard to endure, especially when used with strength, as Master does. At this point, the boy’s ass is sore and of an intense red colour, but Master will continue mercilessly, adding some painful spanking by hand, on both the buttocks and the asshole.


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Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
9 months ago

Scott is gorgeous and part of the new class of models at Over the years the Master has recruited and provided us with memorable and wonderful spanking boys clips. (Also Angel Dark is another one in the new class at Spanking Boys.) I was reviewing my spankingboys downloaded clips last night. I have an incredible collection! For Christian I have 71 clips. He is absolutely gorgeous! Extraordinary! Do yourself a favor and buy some Christian clips. Slim, sexy, His earliest clips are when he is slimmest and most handsome. The Master wails on him and goes not hold back. Christian must have told the Madter once, “you can’t hurt me.” But there are several clips where Christian is definitely hurting and bruising! Then Rich at Sting hired Christian (under a different name) for some memorable clips! Also great models in the past with many memorable clips: Davide, Pavel Tom, Lukas Liz, (the model with the royal butt) and King Michal. Thanks Master for filming many fabulous spanking boys clips! Always hit them hard and long