Training at East Europe Boys

Ethan Wilder (Full Version)

Ethan is a muscular young man, just 20 years old and has never been spanked before. He must undergo a long and intense spanking training, and he is afraid, but he knows that he cannot escape it. The master takes a large wooden spoon to start, and then Ethan is severely punished with the wood spoon and by hand, first while still in his boxers and then on his bare buttocks all while he is over the master’s knee. Ethan suffers in silence, trying to show us that he’s a real man, making it even more exciting to Master, who now increases the intensity of each swat he gives Ethan. Then he decides he wants to see Ethan’s muscles at work, so he has him perform physical exercises doing pushups on the floor. An array of other different straps used generously on his ass were also part of his punishment while having to kneel on the sofa and stay in the wheelbarrow position.



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