Training 4 Boys – Michael

Michael PL

Michael is another young student new at the university, he lives in another city far from Prague and so has been offered the opportunity by the master to stay at his home to be closer to the university. The master has explained that he expects him to follow his home rules and that when he does not, he will get punished with a spanking. The master proceeds to give him a taste of what a good spanking would be if delivered by hand. To increase the intensity the master decides to now switch to using some instruments the wooden spoon and riding crop do a great job. The master wanted to see Michael’s muscles at work and proceeded to ask him to do some physical exercises to show off the magnificence of his young athletic body



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Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
2 years ago

Michael PL is gorgeous, there’s a beautiful wheelbarrow included. He’s so hot! I hope to see him more, taking over the star role from Lukas Liz, Michal, Pavel Tom, Davide and so many more handsome hunk East Europeans in Prague. Also out today at the spankingboys website, under army, new fantastic looking model, Max Alaska. All Great videos, over 4,000 now, fantastic site!