Amateur Spanking Boys: Pepa Paddling

Pepa Paddling
Pepa is undergoing punishment and must remain in front of the wall with his hands behind his neck and with his nose hold a coin up on the wall, but unfortunately for him the coin falls and so the master decides to inflict further punishment on the poor boy. The master presents four wooden paddles to him from which Pepa is to choose in what order they will be used on him. With Pepa lying over the master’s knees he proceeds to get severely punished with the first paddle on his boxers and finally on his bare ass. Pepa tenses up, and he gets even more and more animated as the strokes become harder and harder. It is great to see his butt colour up in such a splendid spanking bloom. Pepa’s paddling continues with the other three paddles also used even more enthusiastically one after the other. At the end of the punishment the master wanting to see if Pepa is as brave as he looks and asks if he is willing to take an extra paddle followed by another hard hand spanking.



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