Swim Troubles Continue – At Bottom Line

Swim Troubles: AWOL & Beer

Troubles continue at the swim training as Hector finds Marc drinking beer in the morning. Meanwhile Alex has ducked out of practice laps early. Captain Diego finds him in the shower and punishes him on the spot.


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Swim Troubles: AWOL & Beer


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2 Responses to Swim Troubles Continue – At Bottom Line

  1. Oh, my ears and whiskers! WHAT a lovely, spanky-wanky treat!!!

    There is something especially spankable about young lads in swimming-briefs, particularly navy-blue and black briefs such as the boys in this video are wearing! It was worth every penny of the member’s fee just to hear young Mark told to ‘Bend over!’ and then be very formally bent over the table, naked except for his tight navy-blue swimming trunks for a good, hard, thoroughly smacked bottom! And a smacked bottom that was absolutely well deserved!

    The swimming-team scenario is a bum-smackingly brilliant one with many possibilities! I just would like to ask if there was any possibility if it was going to be used again, of seeing young Diego and Alex getting a spanking in their swimming-briefs? Preferably laid over the knee!!

  2. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Coach may have chosen to elevate Alex over Diego as defrocked-derriere-discipline-dispensing deputy, headmaster feels obliged to pull rank and stick by his vicariously-vicious viceroy, cunningly confiscating cur-cones-crimson-castigation control from coach by assigning him a standard small teacher’s office as HQ, where he may only send students during PE classes, when they need to be elsewhere, redesignating the ‘old sports HQ’ as recreation and competition centre, under his personal control, where coach, as any staff in charge of some quiz, musical course or whatever, must apply for time-limited use when Sir allows, only always remaining strictly under headmaster’s exclusive sway, which only he may delegate, as to Diego for swimming-related activities.
    This primary preceptor’s posterior-paining-power-play plot per pounding puerile proxies took the swim team squirts by shocking, soundly-spankable surprise, unlike school staff, only told coach would no longer supervise and spank them there, hence assuming Alex’s assignment as abject-adolescent-arses-agonizer applied again.
    Alex actually enjoys his power and feels confident enough to relax the relentlessly-rigid rebel-rears-rows-red-raw-ravaging roughness, rather rewarding real rapidity, like recently Mark’s personal record, with recreation and refreshments. The latter, laid-down, ‘lush’ lad can hardly believe it, back-talk even less, when headmaster turns up thundering there, trembling under a tirade and timidly turning his thrall tail trunks-only to the towering teachers-trainer for a trunks-down-turning teen-tail-tender-tanning thrashing to teach the team the true top-of-tops.
    Meanwhile Alex, exhausted after a long day of torturously training his ‘thrashable trash thralls’ teens team hard and long, partying a little with his best-time boys and tush-tanning to true tears the red-raw-rear-‘rewarded’ rascals-rest in need of more motivation by much merciless meekly-mounted-male-mounds-martyring, showers away the ‘sea of strict-sirely sweat, shed soundly spanking slightly-slow swimmer-squirt-seats sorely-sorry’, still smugly satisfied he succeeded speeding-up sunken-speedo-swatted swimmers significantly by stubborn shiny-scarlet-spanker-severity, only to be shockingly surprised by the (splendid) sight of the stricter-still senior swimmer sent by senior Sir to show and see he ‘soundly’ senses the solemn show of switched status from splendid spanker to subdued spankable.
    The surprise-smacking standing, shivering, shower-wet, scolded and set in his place from sirely spanker to simple spankee squirt, is simply the symbolical start of a surreal Spanish show-off spanking session, with all swimmers stripped starkers, lined-up to tell how Alex spanked them and see the fallen angel get the same himself, only afterward learning they must line-up again, as only the spanker was illegitimate, so they each get it again from Diego. They all can only hope coach now knows his place and doesn’t try to turn tables again to tan their teen tail thrice and threefold their though-enough tush-torment-tally in two terrifying training-days.