Swim Troubles Continue – At Bottom Line

Swim Troubles: AWOL & Beer

Troubles continue at the swim training as Hector finds Marc drinking beer in the morning. Meanwhile Alex has ducked out of practice laps early. Captain Diego finds him in the shower and punishes him on the spot.


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Swim Troubles: AWOL & Beer


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Dr van Spanking
7 months ago

Oh, my ears and whiskers! WHAT a lovely, spanky-wanky treat!!!

There is something especially spankable about young lads in swimming-briefs, particularly navy-blue and black briefs such as the boys in this video are wearing! It was worth every penny of the member’s fee just to hear young Mark told to ‘Bend over!’ and then be very formally bent over the table, naked except for his tight navy-blue swimming trunks for a good, hard, thoroughly smacked bottom! And a smacked bottom that was absolutely well deserved!

The swimming-team scenario is a bum-smackingly brilliant one with many possibilities! I just would like to ask if there was any possibility if it was going to be used again, of seeing young Diego and Alex getting a spanking in their swimming-briefs? Preferably laid over the knee!!