Straight Lads Spanked – Window Cleaner Harley – Spanked for Peeping – Part One

Harley has been working for his Dad’s window cleaning firm. Harley has been a naughty lad! He has been caught peeping at girls getting undressed through the windows! He has even been taking photos of them on his mobile phone!

Harley has been sent to see the local community Spanker Mr X!

Mr X is furious as it is houses on the estate that he lives on that Harley has been spying on the girls!

Harley, is ashamed and embarrassed and properly scared of the punishment that awaits him!

Mr X spanks the young lad hard and fast!

Those jeans are coming down!!

Harley is struggling to hold back the tears as his bottom is set on fire by the hard spanks!

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11 years ago

Wasn’t this posted a while back? Or am I now crossing my blogs

11 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yes you are confusing blogs, these pictures were posted to the Straight Lads Spanked blog a couple of weeks ago.