Jay – Wait till your father gets home

Jay has been a naughty lad! Using the house phone to call adult chat lines! Jay’s father gets an expensive phone bill though and realises what his horny son has been doing!

Jay has been made to wait for his father to return home. He knows that he is going to face the belt from his father. So this young, built muscle guy strips off his clothes and lays on his bed waiting for Dad to come home.

Angry Dad comes home and lectures young Jay about using the house phone in such a disrespectful manner. Jay has got no means of repaying the money so Dad makes him pay with his belt!

Dad begins to lash the belt down on his young sons beefy butt. Jay really feels the swats from the beginning and squirms around trying to avoid his Dad’s hits.

Eventually Jay has to remove his underwear exposing his already bruised bottom!

 The belt continues to strike until Dad decides that Jay has learnt his lesson!

Dad leaves the room and Jay is left nursing his sore bottom…





One Response to Jay – Wait till your father gets home

  1. Love that underwear!