Straight Lads Spanked: “Office Discipline” Spanking Update

Straight Lads Spanked Marco and Jason in “Office Discipline”

Spanking Update

In reply to those who have asked me, Dave from SLS tells me that Office Discipline starring Marco and Jason (Pictures from which were posted here last week) is now also available at Clips4Sale, and can be found by CLICKING HERE AND GO TO PAGE 2

Meanwhile, can anyone suggest a suitable caption for the picture of Marco and Jason at the top of this posting?



Office Discipline at Clips4sale

Straight Lads

Title 2257


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5 years ago

“Actually, this goes to prove it pays always to check CVs like anything that sound too good to be true : you never attended the English and Scottish public schools you fraudulently claim, nor any fancy boarding school, but implicitly prove your attitude would have benefitted greatly from a spanking school, and your father agrees. So, this is just a mild prelude to you upcoming disciplinary regime catching up with that obvious lacking character-care, as your first pay checks will be spent on investing in proper spanking implements, exactly like the straps, canes, tawses and birches a liar fool like you lewd lout would doubtlessly have felt frequently if you actually were there. Oh, and mind the plural : just as at schools, you’ll be taking an agenda home for your stepfather to sign every day, recording every punishment you incurred – I’ll take the time to flog you bare bottom long, hard and often before putting you over the knee even longer in my office every time, and make you wait for it all-on-ankles just as you’ll be standing corner time bare-balls at my door for your better-behaved colleagues to gaze at, slap and pinch at will – and stepdad agreed that unlike your spineless sissy father, who rarely swatted your slacks simply sermoning such a slacking squirt, he wouldn’t do his disciplinary duty if you didn’t get it all over at home, in front of your well-trained stepbrother, who will also put you over his knee bare-balls in between naked corner times, and swat, pinch and kick your bare butt while you do all his and some extra chores on naked knees; meanwhile those spanking tools will be put to equally good use for all future domestic discipline, so I’ve agreed to start each day in the office putting you over my knee to ascertain how zealously you stepfamily spanked your sub-standard-serviceable seat suitably sore and sorry, and it probably won’t be long till stepdad thinks of starting a home agenda for you to present to me, in fact your next job will be to put a conference call trough to his office and beg him so for your desperately-need educational benefit !”

5 years ago

Dear Dr.van Spanking,
Thanks very much for the heads-up re: Clips4sale. Much appreciated! Also thanks for any assistance you may have provided to Straight Lads Spanked to expedite these posts! Awesome!!!