Sting: Principal Problems (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview


The other boy is Justin (Gary Barclay) is a bit of a tearaway, doesn’t conform with college rules and thinks he can do as he wishes, The Principal of course thinks otherwise. This smart ass is going to get a big wake up call.

The ferule will be first to descend, at speed, on to this potential delinquent’s firm butt, pants up and down!


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Then after this, to put him firmly in his place, he can go over the knee like a naughty boy and take a good firm spanking. This over his already whipped bare butt will no doubt bring him front and centre to a far better attitude in his college studies!




The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


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4 years ago

A nice red bum. Marco certainly did it justice.

4 years ago

Andy Easton catches my breath every time he bends for punishment, there are few bulging bottoms able to compete with his. Please Sting order him to kneel on the birching block as soon as he on the list again! Perfect production no more needs to be said.