Straight Lads Spanked: Jason Caught Peeping at Girls (Part 2 of 2)

Jason Caught Peeping At Girls

The scene continues. Caught spying on the girl’s locker room Jason has been sent to the Community Spanker, Mr X, for punishment. He has already been spanked on the seat of his shorts and on his underwear, but it is about to get worse!

Jason’s bottom is already very red and sore, but Mr X is determined that it is going to be a lot redder and more sore by the time he moves on to the next stage of this wayward youth’s punishment!


A long hard bare bottom spanking


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After a good hard spanking on his bare bottom, Jason is told to stand in the corner for a moment to reflect on what is to follow…. a thrashing with Mr X’s dreaded cane!

Ordered to bend over, grab his ankles and stick his bottom out, Jason gets three hard whacks across the seat of his football shorts and three more on his pants before he is told to pull those down again for three final killer strokes across his sore red rear end.










Finally Mr X inspects his handiwork to satisfy himself that Jason’s bottom is so red and sore that he won’t even try to sit down for quite a while.

Jason is a very sorry lad by the time his punishment is over, but Mr X leaves him in no doubt that if he is ever sent back to see him for more of that kind of disgraceful behaviour, a bare-bottom spanking and nine strokes of the cane will seem like a mere warm-up!

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Straight Lads

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5 years ago

Wow! Cute Jason’s gorgeous rear fully exposed, balls hanging down, receiving what looks to be a damned good spanking! This followed by corner time to reflect on why he so deservedly needed to be well spanked & to prepare for a caning! Ouch!! Seeing that they stated “a bare-bottom spanking & nine strokes of the cane will seem like a mere warm-up”, I can’t wait to see what part 4 will bring, as no doubt the little imp will be back due to his uncontrollable “Peeping On Girls”. Let’s hope that cute little bare bum gets revisited by the strap!! Thanks very much for posting these pictures. I look forward to seeing the video on Clips For Sale.

Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
5 years ago

Very good looking and youthful boy fits the part perfectly but he appears to be being disciplined by the legendary highwayman Dick Turpin. So far I can find no historical account that he was in to the chastisement of wayward youth.