Sting: Discipline USA 9

Discipline USA 9

Knocking on the Coach’s office door is a senior boy, McCormick (Andy Easton) The Coach keeps a list of unruly lads in his little red book. If the entries mount up, due to continual bad behaviour, they have to make a special visit to receive mandatory correction. Today its finally McCormick’s turn.

The coach (James Holt) gets to work and starts by giving this big bad lad a good spanking over his knee.


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McCormick’s butt seems to be made for whacking, firm and rounded. Its not long before the Coach gets a good stinging rhythm going, much to the intense displeasure and discomfort of the cheeky boy over his lap.

The spanking is just a start of course but the old gym training shoe will finish it! The worn rubber sole of this particular instrument can really scorch an already well spanked rounded rump as McCormick quickly finds out!




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Andy is a big lad and I think it’s never a bad thing for big lads to know that they are still young enough to have their trousers taken down and be laid over the knee for a good smacked bottom! If a few more of them were reminded of that occasionally, our society might have less of the discipline problems it does!

As ever, Andy’s choice of spankingwear is impeccable – a good, short pair of boxer-briefs, the perfect length to frame his bottom beautifully for punishment! And a great colour too – those horizontal stripes really do bring out the roundness and pertness of his very cheeky bottom! And it’s quite right that he has to take his trousers off right from the start – absolutely the way a boy should receive a spanking!

By all the gods of Spankers’ Heaven, did that slippering not bring back a few very painful memories!