Straight Lads Spanked – Bedtime Spanking – Liam

Tired Liam has had a tough day and is glad to be getting read for bed! Nothing seems to be going well and he has had a big argument with his Mother.

Liam settles down for the evening….

Only to be woken by his furious father!

“How dare you talk to your Mother like that”!

“You are not too old for my slipper”

Liam’s father spanks the lads bottom until it is bright red!

Feeling sore, tired and humiliated, Liam creeps back into bed soothing his tender bottom!

2 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked – Bedtime Spanking – Liam

  1. A boy spanked at bedtime. Very traditional, and it does allow for the punished lad to sleep (on his belly) and recover a bit from his intensely stinging sore butt. It also allows for some reflection upon his bad deeds that earned him a red and sore hiney

  2. Bed time spanking –some parents might find Bedtime spanking a way to punish .In addition some may chooseShower& Bath time to put closure to poor behavior .I believe that when correction is warranted that the time needs to be right time of course it should occur in private this in my view is essential In regard to ending the day with a sore hide that is the result of poor behavior .Although sleeping can be difficult after one has been Spanked or given a whipping it is necessary and gives one something to reflect on and start again .I believe for the most part that all Spanking needs to be done in the here and now but we In addition all know this isn’t always possible.In addition when a spanking going to occur it’s important that both parents are involved in this decision .However when a Young man reaches a certain age he needs to be spanked by the Man of the house .It’s also important that both parents agree on the punishment