Sting – Pulled Over Pulled Down

Stings latest release Pulled Over Pulled Down is directed by Jonathan Fox and stars Luke Desmond, Roland Karlin and Dexter as Constable Taylor

When two young guys decide to steal a car they hadn’t planned to run in to the Police quite so quickly. Luke Desmond and new Sting lad Roland Karlin both have a good reason not to get caught, doing so will mean they go straight back inside for breaking the terms of their probation.

Luckily or perhaps unluckily they run in to constable Taylor (Dexter) He seizes the chance and their predicament to lay on a little discipline of his own. Now out of sight and out of mind in a quiet part of the countryside Constable Taylor gets to work.

The two lads one by one are spanked in the back seat of the car. Bare backsides raised and at the mercy of the young constable he begins to spank some common sense in to their reddening young bottoms. They’re not used to this being a pair of pretty lippy guys most of the time

The hand spanking is finished but the punishment isn’t over yet. Constable Taylor finds he is still carrying his uniform clothes brush and this becomes the instrument of punishment for the next stage. Bending over the car bonnet with their jeans round their ankles the two lads now feel the stinging impact of clothes brush on bare skin.

The smooth side of the brush burns in to their bare bottoms landing time and time again in the same spot! Eventually they are told to stand up and walk home but not before they realise that this is just the beginning. They are going to have to report to Constable Taylor again before he’s really satisfied they’ve re learned their lessons. Best not perhaps to get pulled over and pulled down again!

A preview trailer will be posted at the weekend


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11 years ago

Dexter looks so pants-wettingly sexy as a police constable, it makes me want to get pulled over by him….

11 years ago

While never paddled bare by a cop–In teen yrs my best friends dad (whom I really like) took us on acamping trip—-for serious disobedience—we had to bend over bare our butts and hold on to the bumper and he cut a switch and he ‘switched’ us and we were doing spank pleas lie 6 yr olds instead of 16—Actually I still got paddled a couple times a yr at home—but the switching was way worse–He never had to do it again. I appreciated the fact he never told my parents he had to switch my bare butt for disobedience—It was way back in the early 60’s but the cop pic reminded me of the incident