Bailey’s Bath Brush Beating!

Baily couldn’t sit down for days after his Bath Brush Beating!!!!!!

Bailey is in big trouble! Caught stealing from his boss Old Mr Smith. Bailey’s life has been out of control and he really has hit rock bottom this time.

 He is sent to see Mr X! Bailey is truly, deeply ashamed of himself and knows he is is serious trouble.

 For once there is no cocky lad answering back but a sorrowful, troubled lad prepared to accept his fate.

Mr X pulls no punches and lays into Bailey like never before! The hard hand spanks reign down on Bailey’s denim covered bottom.

 But only for a short time as Mr X decides to use his bath brush. This is only used for the most serious of punishments.

What happens next is harsh. Bailey is beaten hard with the brush. over denims, then underwear and finally bare bottom.

Bailey’s pants are pulled back to reveal an already purple bottom.

By the time Mr X has finished it is beaten black and blue! Bailey literally falls into a crumpled heap on the floor when the punishment is over..

 After Bailey is given time to reflect on it all, Mr X shows a more kindly side and invites Bailey back over his knee as he tends to the lads burning buttocks with some soothing cream.

……more from Mr X…
Ok, please be warned that this was a serious punishment and is harder than anything I’ve ever released on Straight Lads Spanked before. Bailey takes a proper beating from the bath brush and is left sore and bruised. 
This is the scene that Bailey discusses in his interview over on my blog which he says left him unable to sit down for the rest of the day and sore and marked for the next three days! 
I am pleased to report that no Bailey’s were left traumatised in the making of this film and he has since been back for more! 

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    Mr x This is HOT!!!! 🙂 will buy this one

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    Muscle man in his socks otk Mr X now y’all got my attention :* lol

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    Anonymous says:

    Another way for serious offenses
    is a series of spanking. No need
    to beat black and blue, but regular
    redenning of the buttocks makes the mark
    in a different and yet effective way.

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    Have you got any other models like Bailey but younger?