Sting: Weight For It! (Part 1 of 2)

Weight For It!

Gym instructors tend to hope their young trainees will follow a strict schedule of training. This also has to include diet as well as body work outs.

One instructor (Johann Volney) had two students (Lucas Taylor and new lad Joel Cooper) trying to get in to shape.

They are not really helping themselves much, by eating sweet treats when the instructors back is turned.

Of course Mr Volney has the answer to this and decides to concentrate his training more to the gluteal region.



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Meaning in short both lads with get a good bare bottom spanking and that is just to start!!












3 Responses to Sting: Weight For It! (Part 1 of 2)

  1. HI,
    super set.
    You do it well, Rob and Rich.
    But I have to say, I miss your classic kind of story – where is spanker getting spanked.
    Do you think we would ever have some scenes where Johann gets good spanking on his butt? Or another stiff and sexy spanker?
    Because it will be famous – of course after scene where HE is spanking some naughty guy…
    I believe you will have good answer for me:-) and for all fans of thiese stories.

    Your big fan

    • Hi Dave

      Sting do still make the full length movies from time to time, for instance, the Brothers The Moviewas relesed last year. However, given the state of the current market, it is no longer affordable to make them on a regular basis. Hpwever, that could change.

      As to tops getting spanked, that really depends on what the actor is comfortable doing. James Holt, for example, is nowt a regular spanker, who also gets spanked. In the past handsome tops like Dexter and Mike Cross have also switched roles from time to time.

      Johan Volny, prefers to play the top, and does so very well. He took a spanking and a dose of the strap in “The Brothers, the Movie”, but that was a one off, and is very unlikely to happen again.

      Sting is always on the look out for suitable handsome actors who will take both role, so I am role reversals will happen at some point in the future.

  2. Thank you, Bruce.