Sting: The Borstal 8 (Part 2 of 2)

The Borstal 8

Scene 2 and the young inmates of Rainsford Borstal continue to receive the bottom toasting discipline they deserve ..

A second boy trainee, Hardacre (Joey Whyte) is knocking on the Governors office door. He’s in trouble again for cheek and insubordination.

Tired of his constant bad behaviour the Governor sends him off to the gym too. Here the the senior house officer (Marco)

This is not the first Hardacre has been disciplined by this officer, so he knows what is coming!



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with Hardacre bent over the gym horse, delivers a scorching message with the leather strap. First on his pants …

Then bare bottom







The strapping will of course be quickly followed by a hard over the knee spanking, for a big lad like Hardacre very humiliating and not quickly forgotten!








CLICK HERE to view Part One with the video preview

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Tush Traynor
Tush Traynor
4 years ago

The incredible Joey!

Is it just me, or does he get more handsome with each spanking?!

4 years ago

Really love our Joey and his reaction to his punishments, even better when he has another boy laughing at him getting it 🙂