East Europs Boys – More Spanking (Part 2 of 2)

The second three of six video clips from regular contributor East Europe boys at Spanking Boys Video

0194 army (Part 3)

The soldier Vito receives a hard whipping with a long and fine whip, which is very painful on him bottoms, this is then followed by a hand Spanking with heavy hand, over the master’s knee. The spanking is long and hard, the boy is trying to take it like a man, but it’s difficult because the punishment is relentless .


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Spanking: Vito Marciano (part 4)

Now Vito is punished with the leather strap and a hand Spanking again with his legs in the air on the buttocks, and on his sensitive anus. His flaming ass paints a picture of the agony gripping his body .







Spanking Boys EU


Spanking Boys Video


Feet Bastinado: TOMAS AND MIREK (Full Version)

The master wants impose a training punishment on two new guy. The boys Tomas and Mirek, are straight and shy, they are ordered to undress, and then touch each other, which they find embarrassing. Then the master called the first guy, and punishes him with the cane on the soles on the bare feet for the first time in his life (bastinado), in the wheelbarrow position, and then after a choosing a card at random, Tomas receives a vigorous hand Spanking on the bare ass over the master’s knee. After this, the master called the second guy, and punishes him with the cane on the soles on the bare feet also for the first time in his life, in the wheelbarrow position, followed by a Spanking. Then the master will punish the two boys, again at will.






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