Sting: Tales from the Headmaster’s study (Episode 10) “Student Vices”

The students as ever get up to all sorts of things and the usual detentions and demerits get handed out.

Whilst in detention Chris Miller (Sting newcomer Alex Canley) decides to take the opportunity to sneak some porn in to his work book to ease the monotony.



Caught out he is sent to the Headmasters study. Not so worried that the lad is looking at porn but more annoyed that he’s doing it whilst in detention, the headmaster takes action. 


Miller is to receive a hard well laid on bare bottom spanking followed by a stinging strapping across the back of the arm chair. 

The lad’s libido is certainly curbed and the punishment of this particular student is more than just hot!


Meanwhile Watson (Xander Hollister) has decided to take advantage of a quiet afternoon and sees what to be had in the changing room lockers.


Unfortunately its Mr Hiedrick’s wallet that becomes the target, a big mistake as this soon leads to a new target namely Millers bare bottom, being spanked red raw for his villainous act. 



The Head is now in no mood for compromise and soon after the cruel swishy rattan cane is biting in to Millers nicely rounded bare buttocks. This leaves him repentant and yelping across the Headmaster’s desk.

Prefect Johnny Turner (Connor Levi) is still up to his old tricks and now big enough to sneak in to the local pub without detection. On many occasions a blind eye is turned for these senior lads. However when trouble is caused and they arrive at the door of the Heads study a different view is taken.

This time the Headmaster has had enough, he won’t contact the boy’s parents but he will be sent to endure a session of discipline with Mr Heidrick. Knowing that he neither wants his folks to hear what’s been going on or to lose any privileges he takes his punishment.



A red raw bare bottom spanking and a burning dose of cane stripes is swiftly applied.

This plus waiting on Mr Heidricks pleasure reveals there are still a few more traditional Student Vices in practice


This 30.47 minute download is available in high and standard definition at the following links:

There is a link to the sting title 2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

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10 years ago

xander is my current favorite sting boy.

10 years ago

Great pics – and lucky Connor getting suck off Dexter!! Whether he gets less cane stripes or not I am sure he’ll enjoy that (as would anybody!)