Sting: Borstal Boys – ‘Troubles Brewing’ (Part 1)

Troubles’ brewing is certainly true for two of the young inmates at Rainsford Borstal institution. Firstly trainee 286 Harding’s (New Stinglad Gerry Robbins) record of behaviour leaves a lot to be desired and the Governor sends him off to his Housemaster Mr Volny to be dealt with.

The athletic looking Harding has never faced corporal punishment before but of course a good bare bottom spanking is mandatory.

After that his well-rounded scorched bare backside will be getting its first taste of the strap!


Trainee 294 Jenkins (Xander Hollister) is in the same position, his training and discipline record are just not up to scratch. He’s in for a good spanking too and his Housemaster wastes no time in dishing it out.

Jenkins bare jutting out backside is a perfect target as the masters stinging palm cracks down


However when a change of angle into the wheel barrow position is ordered Jenkins burning red bottom is going to get even hotter.

Face down on the wooden bench he can only howl as the smacks power down, the inclusion too of rapid fire spanking turns his defenceless bare backside a fiery red.

Trouble has boiled over on to the lads now burning butts!
A preview video video will be posted tomorrow
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5 Responses to Sting: Borstal Boys – ‘Troubles Brewing’ (Part 1)

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Yes…And who will spank Johann? He deserves it…please tell him, that many many fans want to see him spanked and want pay for it, really:-)

  2. As Anonymous says – Johann, beginning with the mandatory bare-bottom spanking.
    If you need a hand just let one of us know. Smile.

  3. Jesus Fuckin’ Christ! Seeing a hairy clefted-bum being spanked like hell till it’s rosy gets my ‘arousal’ to its extreme. And then to top it all seeing a guy in a uniform that isn’t that far removed from the boy scout uniform I was wearing when I was caned mercilessly on the bum (by the priest/scoutmaster at Summer camp) to within an inch of my life, oh Jesus, it all comes back to me, agonising pain and everything – ecstasy! – just so fuckin’ beautiful!. (Oh fuckin’ Christ, I’ve just creamed my khakis – without touching!)

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    its great to see Rob back in action why has he not been in the films so much of late??? Anyone know?

    • Rob is still very much around, and, as you will have seen he appears in the very latest download “Busted ‘n’ Disgusted” however, he has been working behind the camera of production, and h has also been on a video training course, so that Sting releases will be even more excellent in future 🙂