Sting Raw: Razor Burn

Sting Raw: Razor Burn

In this clip we find Jerry Bosak taking a shower

Then, when he needed a razor and having none of his own, using Marco’s readily available new ones instead. Jerry is too lazy to remember to buy his own and now Marco is tired of supplying him with basic bathroom products!

He needs an urgent lesson to help him remember to help himself in future and buy his own stuff!

Nothing better than a good spanking, something Marco knows well how to deliver.


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Jerry is going to learn the rudiments of self provision, even if the message is delivered across the boys muscular gym trained bare bottom.

This long spanking of course, given now on a wet backside too, is always a painful starter!



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Sting Raw “Razor Burn” at Clips4Sale


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2 years ago

Jerry has a very hot legs (hairy) I want to watch mo pictures when he is Hard. Beside he is Uncut!!!!!