BBFC: Sergio Gets The Call

BBFC: Sergio Gets The Call

Dimitri calls Sergio to tell him to present himself for the spanking he is due, Sergio feels differently and protests his innocence. All to no avail though as he knows he has to see Dimitri so he decides to go sooner rather than later.



Sauntering into the bedroom he sees that Dimitri has the paddle ready and looks worried as he goes OTK.


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Dimitri sets about spanking this ever naughty lad with the paddle, the thin summer shorts Sergio is wearing might look good but offer no protection to his rear end. They have to go anyway and the tight boxers he is wearing let the paddle make a nice thwack as it lands.







A super little butt that looks great in any underwear but even better once they are down. The lovely red glow on his bare ass shows that the paddle has done its job well, although Sergio would disagree.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Great to see young Sergio again – a big favourite with me, though I love all the BBFC lads and would be overjoyed to have any of them in my circle of naughty boys! Young Marcin has been mentioned recently and I’d welcome him too – though we would have to have a very serious review indeed of the contents of his pants-drawer!

While I would never, obviously, encourage boys to get argumentative about the kind of discipline that’s best for them – partly as I feel they don’t understand their disciplinary needs as well as guys a bit older, with the benefit of hindsight and the experience of the inestimable character-building strengths of corporal punishment – I guess I can understand young Sergio’s issue here. At his age, I would have felt all too nervous myself reporting to Dimitri to be disciplined, knowing full well the kind of tanning I would almost certainly get from him! I reckon Sergio hides a lot behind that cheeky smirk and air of bravado that he affects until he walks into the room to be confronted with Dimitri and a very serviceable spanking paddle! And of course, the fact that Dimitri is sitting down tells him straight away that he is going to be laid over the knee to get his bottom smacked!

And over he goes, at first very much laying across Dimitri’s knee, feet on the bed. But Dimitri gradually moves him until the lad’s feet drop to the floor and he is properly bent over Dimitri’s knee, his posture a very favourable one for the smacking that Dimitri is so relentlessly laying on!

I always really dig seeing a young lad smacked over shorts and having the fun and anticipation of thinking ‘Come on, let’s see what colour underpants he’s wearing!’, hoping ever more intensely for the great moment when down come the young man’s short trousers! Dreading the possibility that he might have on white boner-makers, a happily rare circumstance in our own day of more flamboyant, dazzlingly patterned boxer-briefs! Of course, the shorts don’t stay up for too long and when they do come down, oh ye gods of Spankers’ Heaven! What is revealed shows somebody’s eye for what a young lad looks good in! Is it Sergio himself? His mum? I know some older teenboys whose mothers still buy their underpants…others who leave that to girlfriends or boyfriends…even one young man whose slightly older partner buys the lad’s underpants for him on the basis of what said young lad looks good over his knee in!! Sergio’s short trunks would be fairly new, I’d guess, from the depth of the navy-blue, their lovely spanky sheen,the closeness of their fit as they stretch – oh, SO stretchily! – over the perky curves of his phenomenally pert and cheeky little bum! A great choice and one worthy of each SMACK! laid on by Dimitri!

Dimitri seems to be trying a slightly different method of spanking here – smacks being delivered very largely in pairs. I am not very critical – I hope- but I would just have to say that I feel it works in this one-off context, but I do prefer to see spanks delivered in even succession, so I’ve got to be honest and just say that I’m not sure I’d want to see it become Dimitri’s norm – for me it breaks up the continuity and rhythm of the spanking, which is for me an important part of any lad’s punishment, enabling the pain to build up evenly. Perhaps my thoughts are out of line, here – if so, please feel free to ignore them. What makes spanking so fascinating is the individual responses to watching a hiding being laid on! We may with perfect integrity born of experience and pain, observe a spanking and give a whole host of different responses to it, each one originating with the intensity of our personal experience! All that aside, however, the punishment certainly gives Sergio ‘what for?’! The pain of the spanks, together with the exquisite agony of ear-pulling lead to significant yelping, which intensifies as Sergio’s knix are pulled down and the hard strokes of the paddle continue to rain down across the boy’s very bare, reddening backside!

As Sergio straightens up, encouraged by the tugging of his ear, there is an observable change in his attitude, which is of course absolutely how things ought to be. A spanking without a notable attitude-adjustment has probably failed to achieve its purpose! But there’s always that part of me, deep down, that on this occasion, as i watched poor old Sergio encouraged on his way with three quick, and I’ve no doubt, sharp SMACK!s on his underpants, said to me “Let’s see how long young Sergio can stay out of trouble…”