BBFC: Adrian OTK

BBFC: Adrian OTK
There was something about Adrian when he turned up this time, yes he was in trouble but there was something else as well. Going OTK he looks good in black trousers and gets a great warm up.



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They come down and he is wearing white boxers, these fit very well and show him off nicely. But when they come down there is a lot more to him than usual. This is what was different out him, it seems he was looking forward to a spanking.




Right through to the end he stays hard as he is spanked and although he still appears to have some attitude he also seems to get a lot more of going OTK than he lets on.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

There is a delightful boyishness about Adrian that is beautifully enhanced by wearing school uniform! Quite appropriate at the start of the back-to-school season.

Like all boys, he just looks great laid over the knee in black trousers for a spanking! When they come down, I have to say that it’s just possible Adrian might be able to change my mind about white underpants – when I see how spankably he wears them! They are such a dazzlingly bright contrast to the boy’s darker skin, and I actually find that a real turn-on!

Adrian continues to remind me so much of Philip, not only in the fact that he has a similarly priapic tendency, though not one as yet as pronounced as Philip’s! But also in the way that he maintains a suitably solemn expression on his cheeky face during smacking!

I expect that the young scamp didn’t think about the fact that the camera would pick up on his gesture behind Tony’s back – just as well that Tony didn’t see it there and then, but he will – and I sure wouldn’t want to be in young Adrian’s pants when he does! It was VERY naughty of him and I trust that he will be richly punished for it!

And I think a rather more severe level of discipline is called for here. Maybe, as Adrian looks so good in school uniform, he should be dealt with in a naughty schoolboy scenario, where he has to bend over the desk or over a chair and is introduced to the exquisitely painful STING!! of the cane or the burning SLAP!! of the strap!

I know Adrian hails from the Americas – I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that I hope he is not going back any time soon!