Sting Spanking Classic “Tales from The Headmaster’s Study 13” – Unlucky for Some

Tales from The Headmaster’s Study 13

Unlucky For Some

Starring Rudi Vallance, Johnny Hayward, Jimmy Green, Luke Radley, Travis McKinnon and Marco

Part 1 of 2

In this extended (42.31 minute) version of the series it’s the senior students who are causing trouble. Never one to be underestimated the Headmaster is on top of things and severe retribution will be the only outcome these wayward lads will have to face.

Richardson (Rudi Vallance) is no exception and has been sent to see his Housemaster (Marco) after getting up to no good again.


Tired of this boy’s constant bad behaviour he takes him across his knee and lays on a very sound spanking turning Richardson’s very rounded bare bottom red raw.


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After this the heavy beech ferule backs up the punishment, its stinging impact burning in to the boy’s already well spanked bare bottom!





Chambers (new StingLad Johnny Hayward is another senior prefect who feels he’s’ earned the right to act as he pleases. His crime is the selling of illicitly obtained alcohol.

The Headmaster takes a very dim view of this and intents to send a clear massage to the rest of the upper sixth form. First a good hard scorching spanking before bed will give him a taste of what’s to come.



The Spanking will be followed the next day by a good dose of the cane and strap leaving its mark of ‘you will behave lad!’ written in to the boys aching and very sore bare bottom.