Sting: Discipline USA 2

Although not allowed the alcohol has been flowing. Now the unofficial party continues in their room as two college boys (Robin Palmer & Jaydee Black) stumble back to their halls of residence. Unfortunately the racket they are causing has caught the attention of the Deputy Principle. He’s on the case to find out what the hell is going on.

When he arrives at the boys room he’s less than pleased, a needlessly damaged computer quickly convinces him these too would be delinquents need reminding where and who they are. Perhaps a dose of his old well used wooden paddle, the one with the holes for maximum effect, might be a good place to start. Then when he’s got their attention, finish off with a good over the knee spanking on their firm rounded bare bottoms. Seniors or not that’s what you get when you behave like a junior freshman, a well paddled and sorely spanked backside!


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2 Responses to Sting: Discipline USA 2

  1. I was just thrilled when I saw who the two stars of this video were going to be! Two of the most spankable young scamps ever to star in a Sting movie, brought together in the same film, to be taken in hand for a good spanking! And American-style – with the paddle! Whoever invented that, we spankers have him to thank for an awesome addition to our armoury of Weapons of Ass Destruction! And the responses of the lads as it smacks down, CRACK!! across their exquisitely pert bottoms are an eloquent testimony to its effectiveness as a painful instrument of punishment!

    I have to say that, while it’s clear these are two very naughty boys in need of some strict discipline, they are asking for a good smacked bottom just by how they’re dressed – young Jaydee in those impossibly tight trousers and Robin in those perfectly fitting jeans, both of them with nicely short jackets that only cover up their torsos as far as waist level – nothing below is left to the imagination! There is certainly no question of these two young monkeys being accused of hiding their lights under a bushel! One of the things I love about watching Jaydee getting spanked is his taste in underpants – always coloured boxer-briefs and always spankably short, framing his bottom to utter perfection for smacking – and this clip is no exception! This perhaps would be my only issue with the film – Alongside Robin’s devastatingly handsome good looks and beautifully boyish physique, he has one of the cheekiest, perkiest, most spankable bottoms ever to grace the set of a Sting movie and to be able to lay him over my knee would be to be transported instantly to Spankers’ Heaven! But over the time we have seen him in these great little films, we have become well acquainted with the contents of his pants-drawer and we know that he has several pairs of much briefer and more interestingly coloured underpants than he has chosen to wear in this movie – good short boxer-briefs that really do show off those cheeky, carved-by-the-gods globes of his with irresistible smackableness! A shorter, sexier pair another time, eh, Robin?! You’re spanking perfection personified in short boxer-briefs – do keep it that way, old son!

    I don’t know what motivates these boys to keep coming back to have their bottoms spanked on such a regular basis. Is it that it’s helpful financially? Do they genuinely enjoy being smacked? I’d very much like to think that the latter reason was the real one! Whatever the reason, I hope they keep turning up to the Jock Spank studios to delight us with the sight of those deliciously punishable bottoms being well and truly walloped! Bums like theirs belong to the world!!!

    • I know a dream come true. Jaydee paddled in those skin tight pants. After making this. I bet he had a hard time sitting down.