Sting “Burned By Temptation


Younger brothers tend to look up to their older brothers but sometimes they are not the best role model to follow. They should be of course, but in the case of Paul Martin (Rudi Vallance) and his younger brother Nicholas (Damien Drake) trouble began the day Paul decided to joy ride in his Dads car. He took his younger sibling along for the experience, whereas Nichols should have been safely studying in school.

The car broke down and had to be quickly abandoned by the hapless pair. As a result, Dad was less than pleased by the antics of his eldest offspring.
To teach both lads a lesson he decided to punish Paul with his younger brother in attendance.


First the older boy had to strip, get over his Dads lap and take a good firm stinging spanking like he had used to when younger. ….


The difference this time is he’s nineteen and will have to suffer the indignity of his younger brother watching it all.


After the spanking the crack of a burning leather belt echo’s round the room turning Pauls already throbbing and rounded bare bottom red raw….

All the while in front of an attentive audience.

Nichols was very amused at seeing is older brother being punished like this at his age, however the smile soon leaves his face when he’s told that his housemaster now knows of his whereabouts and what he was up to instead of being in school.
Next day it’s time for Nicolas to face the music and his turn to receive a good trousers down spanking followed too by a bare backside scorching with the old school strap…

Nicholas’s housemaster does not follow present day discipline philosophies and believes getting straight to the bottom of a problem is the best way!

 hard, stinging leather on tender previously spanked skin!


For both lads it’s time to re think future actions as it looks like you really can get Burned By Temptation

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 Dexter is more often seen doing the spanking, but every now and then, even he needs some bare bottom punishment, this time playing a disgraced Sports Master

Brad returns to Sting in a new story featuring discipline in 1900

7 Responses to Sting “Burned By Temptation

  1. Avatar Mister Todd
    Mister Todd says:

    Two of Sting’s hottest actors in action. Rudy has film star looks

  2. Avatar Cat Woman
    Cat Woman says:

    I love the “little brother watches Big Brother” get spanked idea. Next time big brother should be spanked for bullying little brother so that watching is little brother’s revenge.

    I can’t get over the quality of Sting’s movies they were the best around even before they moved on to 1080p definition.

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    incredibly hot boys. damien has never looked better.

  4. And eddie savion? Will he spanked as well? When, he really deserve it…Beleive me!

    • Eddie will be making another appearance soon, and I am sure he will be spanked at some point! 🙂

    • Hi, great, but if the screenplay is not finished yet, could it be by Luke Radley? What aoubt this – in a first part will Luke Radley get spanked by Eddie, and at hte end will be Eddie spanked by Luke? What do you think about it?

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I like these models but sting need to get new models like these new faces please sting