Spring Birch: Michael – At Bottom Line

Spring Birch: Michael

Discipline head Jonathan Li is back in action after a long vacation – and a nightmare for the errant boys of Class 6F who almost forgot his existence. Starting with class monitor Michael Chen, they are called downstairs to the office one by one to settle their accrued mischief bills while the discipline head was away – with the help of the dreadful birch….


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Spring Birch: Michael


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1 year ago

As a well-raised Confucian-family kid, Michael has no problem with baring berated-brat-butt beyond bashfulness for bountiful beatings, besides business-end-blistering by betters, busily boner -, boy-hole – and balls- beheld by buzzing, butt-beatable bystander-boys, whether stoically stripped-seat-submitting as scolded squirt or sternly subduing as big brother or class monitor submissively-stripping spankee-juniors, nor do his Asian classmate-charges mind, naturally knowing knaves’ never-ending naughtiness notoriously needs numerous nasty naked nates nurtures, attrition-accordingly accepting abject-adolescent-arse-agonizing-appropriate-attributes-application as academic – and attitude-adjustments ad-lib, at home as at boarding school and preferably everywhere-else, Jonathan’s and his deputy dorm monitors’ doleful defrocked-derriere-discipline definitely help giving the dorm a ‘homely’ feeling as firmly-fanny-flogged fledglings’ screams and sustained sobbing sound superbly similar to sonly and sibling spankee-sufferance-sounds surround scared-stiff-starkers-shivering sleeper-squirts, sometimes ‘spoiled’ by soothing-cream.
Nor would anyone fail to thank, or even question, a preceptory person for practising pitilessly-plentiful perilously-presented-posterior-punishments, paternalistic paining perfectly parallel to paternal poundings. Neither is it a puerile penitent’s place to plead pro/contra propriety of prescribed particularities such as arse-applied attributes.
However when he drops trou to be ‘welcomed back home’ over father’s knee naked, atypical crimson-cuts-cones-coverage clearly communicates a curiously-conducted CP, cause for cross cursing (and complementary caning). Self-made father Chen can’t stand squandering, so still soundly strap-spanking submissively-stripped sonly-seat-of-learning, stares shocked to see a school-assigned spanker-squirt stupidly stretches the spanking-specifications squander-sense by shamelessly, senselessly striking stern-clothing still on the spankable squirt.
Promptly, the parental paragon of pittiless paternalistic pantsed-puerile-posterior-punishments prepares a proper-punitive-practices-petition to press the principal to prescribe all posterior-pounding-punishments to be performed pants-down unless ‘prude’ parents permit on paper privates-privacy-privation, in public places or privately-too, perversion in the parental petitioners’ painful-paternalistic perception, preferring their progeny to present the penitent posterior properly-perfectly-perilously pantless, preventing the pricey perdition of punishment-pounded pants and perceiving private-parts-privacy-privation in public presence as pedagogical part of the proper punishments of puerile perpetrators, peccadilloes-too.
This poor pup presents the parental petition, properly-piously pants-on-ankles, paternally-pre-punished-properly-profound-pain-purple-pounded, and a personal paper praying his ‘perversely pants-on punisher’ pays for a pair of pants. The principal promptly praises the petition and pre-pays the pants, promising the ‘perverse prefectorial punisher’ shall pay plenty-more with his own being privates-privacy-privated and permanently-prefectorial-punisher-privileges-privated, primo pantsed for particularly-plentiful ponderous-principal’s-paddle-pain-purple-pounding in plain public assembly for all-adolescents-and-adults-attended absolutely-abject-attire-abandoned-asinine-arse-agony all-attributes-abundantly-anal-area-applied. The poor, permanent-painful-piety-pressed pups pout privately as the principal ‘proudly promises’ pupils presently may ‘proudly practice proper puerile piety by pants-dropping for posterior-punishments parallel to proper paternal poundings’, promising parallel-pitifully-pantless pain-purple-painting in public and private places too.