Spanking the Skateboard Boy – Spanking Art by Franco

Spanking the Skateboard Boy

by Franco

This picture centers around the idea of one of those fit, nicely built young guys (aged 18 and above) who we see darting in and our seemingly fearlessly on skateboards.

Well this one is not so fearless now, riding his board in the house across freshly lacquered woodblock.  Dad just paid good money for the process, and now, he colors up Juniors round posterior for the trouble. A proper spanking! Didn’t want to use this top again, but it fit so well with the boy, who, I did use from one of your Saturday Spankable boys…..

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2 years ago

As usual, ,another great FRANO drawing

1 year ago

While Junior feels relatively lucky now that his stern, strictly-spankophile Sire didn’t order off or personally take down his brat briefs as usual for posterior punishment, on account of the presence of workmen all over their new home, and didn’t have any implement on hand, so he gets a ‘mere’ hand-spanking, he’ll soon curse that false lack bitterly.
Indeed, this was just an additional ‘keep you warm foretaste’ : as soon as the contractor’s crew is gone home, he’ll be crossly commanded to cut and fetch a fresh switch, for every fatherly flogging from now on, from the inexhaustible willow wood in their new neighborhood, in case of repeat-offense briefs-only so all can ‘peek’ at his red-raw-ravaged rascal-rear, and go over the sawhorse in their new woodshed starkers for a frightfully-firm fierce-fatherly filial-fanny-flailing flogger-fun-feast, with witness(es) whenever the whippable whippersnapper was complained about by any elder, and ride over the(ir) knee(s) hourly (except in bed) afterward as long as the scarlet sitch-stripes show, which will usually by longer then the next foppish flaw furnishes father a fitting reason to render the ‘rotten rebel rascal’ ruefully rod-rule-repeat-redenned all over, far many more reasons then before, as father no longer finds brat-bridling a bit of a bore!