Spanking Straight Boys: Levy’s First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Levy’s First Spanking

Levy is a 23-year-old straight boy who is friends with our model Cooper. Cooper told Levy about the spanking videos he’s done for us. Levy’s been out of work for a short time and decided he could handle a spanking.


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Tom straps Levy to the table, handcuffs him and stuffs a ball gag in his mouth. He then begins spanking Levy by hand and with a leather strap, flog and belt. Levy has a really hard time with this spanking. It stings much more than Levy had anticipated. He can barely take it. Tom had planned to spank Cooper and Levy at the same time. We’ll have to see if Levy decides to come back.

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5 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Levy’s First Spanking

  1. This was an immensely severe punishment and Levy visibly found it a difficult one to get through. What concerned me was that, if he found at any point he couldn’t take any more, it appeared that, with him being gagged, he had no way of asking for the thrashing to stop. PLEASE tell me that this was not the case!!

    • Hello Dr. van Spanking – I can assure you that that was definitely not the case, has never been the case and will never be the case. The boys ALWAYS have a way to stop the spanking if they choose to. Even with that ball gag in, Levy could still talk intelligibly, which he demonstrated to me before the spanking began. He could still say the safe words (“stop the video”). I also gave him a physical signal that he could give, as well as a type of grunting he could do. We practiced all three methods before the spanking began. Also, while Levy’s reactions made the spanking seem very hard, it actually wasn’t a severe spanking. If you look at his butt at the end, it is only red, with no marks or bruises, and is not even all that red. After the video, Levy said that he wants to come back for more spankings. As for the severity of his reactions, I think that is partially due to the ball gag being there. That ball gag can both make you think that you can react more without being too loud, and, more importantly, that you are expected to react more. I suspect that Levy’s reaction were partially what he thought I wanted and partially due to this being his first spanking. I don’t coach the boys, so their reactions are their own. Sometimes a boy will purposefully overreact because he thinks it will lessen the severity of the spanking (though we usually have the opposite problem in which boys under react because they want to appear tough and manly). Anyway, I’ve taken quite a bit of time to explain this thoroughly because I want it to be clear that these boys can stop the spankings at any time. As for this spanking, the clearest evidence that this was not a particularly hard spanking is the condition of Levy’s butt at the end of the spanking. It is only red, and not even all that red.

      • Thank you, Tom. Actually, I could not believe that that would not be the case with your studio – it was only how things looked. I think I had allowed myself to be caught up in Levy’s reactions a little too much – so perhaps I wasn’t considering the redness or otherwise of his bottom when I saw the preview the first time around. Watching it again, I can see exactly what you mean.

        I truly hope I have not given offence, and I apologise if I have – I wouldn’t want to do that, especially as I really enjoy your work! CJ.

        • No, you didn’t offend me. If somebody has those concerns, I’d rather them express them as I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to deliver a harder spanking than a boy can take. I test that every now and then by offering a boy who seems to have had enough more money on camera to take more spanking. They always take the extra money. And I’d never do that in a situation where the boy is in great need of money. Most of the boys spend the pay on living beyond their means. If a boy really needs extra money, I would invite them to come back on another day so it doesn’t sting as much.

  2. haha I love the ball gag idea!