Spanking Straight Boys: Josh Spanks Trevor

Spanking Straight Boys: Josh Spanks Trevor

A few weeks ago you saw Trevor spank 18-year-old Josh in the video “Trevor Spanks Josh.” Now you will see the tables turned as young Josh spanks Trevor.

Josh is shy and more than a bit awkward in the role of a spanker. He is uncomfortable having Trevor over his knee and spanking him, and that is exactly what Tom was counting on. Tom knew it would be this way, and wanted to make an reluctant, uncomfortable Josh give Trevor a hard spanking.

With Tom instructing him from off camera, Josh gives Trevor a much harder spanking than Trevor had given Josh (a fact that is not lost on poor Trevor)

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Trevor struggles and cries out as Josh’s harsh swats build in intensity. Josh uses his hand, a leather belt and a wooden paddle. By the end of this spanking, Trevor has had all he can take. His butt is red and very sore.

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John Smith
John Smith
4 years ago

Always would love to see Heath back.