Spanking Straight Boys: Faster!

Spanking Straight Boys: Faster!

Mitch is a ripped 24-year-old athlete who works out six days a week (and it shows!). When he decided to come in for another spanking, Tom had a surprise for him.

Tom orders Mitch to get on a commercial-grade, gym-quality lateral elliptical machine.



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So, while he is getting spanked, Mitch must do a hard workout with Tom pressing him to go faster and keep up the pace. As you’ll see, the lateral movement of this elliptical machine shows a boy’s butt off to maximum advantage.


Tom uses his hand, a yardstick, riding crop, birch and a leather belt on Mitch’s hard, round bubblebutt. By the end, Mitch’s butt is red and he tells Tom this is one workout he’ll never forget!

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Fit Studs
2 years ago

He looks unsatisfied, lol! 😀 Wouldn’t mind seeing him top someone.