Spanking Straight Boys: Dustin Suspended By All Fours

Spanking Straight Boys: Dustin Suspended By All Fours

Dustin is a straight, blonde 21-year-old United States Marine. He’s a tough guy, but he’s pushed to the edge by the spanking he gets in this video.

Tom suspends Dustin by all fours and after a warm up spanking cut’s off his tight underwear


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Then Tom spanks Dustin’s exposed bottom by hand, with a wooden paddle, a Canadian school strap, two flogs, a birch, and a rubber slapper. That would have been it, but, just as Tom finishes spanking him, Dustin uses the “F” word.

That earns him a hard session with the belt and some more by hand.

Although Dustin does come close to breaking down a few times, he manages to hold himself together and tough it out like you’d expect a Marine Corps infantryman would.

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