BBFC: Dominic Paddled

BBFC: Dominic Paddled

Dominic is late and he was warned not to be late. That means he has to face the paddle.


Bending over the couch he gets a lesson in time keeping.


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The paddle is a wake up call for him, this is his first paddling ever. The look on his face is priceless and tells its own story. This is just the warm up and soon his trousers are down and the paddle is landing on his underwear.



This is underwear that he should be spanked for wearing, far to bright, positively loud. When he gets the bare ass paddling it is a whole new ball game and his cute little butt gets the full paddle treatment. A great first paddling for Dominic










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Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

Oh, ye gods! Oh, my only summer hat! When I tuned into BBFC this morning, I thought I’d finally shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to Spankers’ Heaven! From whence came this angel twink!

From first seeing Tony lay Dominic over his knee, I knew this little monkey was going to become one of my favourites and after seeing him spanked only twice now, he absolutely has done! He is just spanking perfection personified with that sulky cast to his youthful face and that beautifully boyish physique! We’ll get onto his choice of wardrobe in a moment.

So it’s straight back in at the deep end for young Dominic – laid over the knee for his first spanking and a hard wooden paddle across the bum for his second punishment! Whoever dreamed up the paddle as an instrument for disciplining boys was adding a truly awesome implement to the spanker’s arsenal of Weapons of Ass Destruction! It has the big advantage that you can smack a boy across both buttocks at once, which, as anybody who’s had it knows, is a different sensation altogether from being spanked over each cheek in turn – painful as that is in itself! And I love the positioning here, with the lad bent over the chair in a truly classic naughty boy’s posture for corporal punishment!

Black trousers do it for me every time – even moreso when you have the sort of tantalising glimpse of the waistband of a boy’s underpants that we’ve got here! And when Dominic had to take his trousers down – well!! WELL, WELL, WELL!!! I think that is probably the most spankable pair of underpants I’ve ever seen one of Tony’s boys wearing! Just exactly the perfect length for punishment and WHAT a great colour! Those stripes truly bring out the roundness of Dominic’s amazingly perky little bottom! Diesel do seem to have the knack of making the most spankably fitting boys’ briefs! One of my naughty boys likes them and the sight of him over my knee with his trousers down never fails to inspire me to a very special effort indeed! As Tony himself observes, Dominic should get a good smacked bottom just for wearing these briefs! I can’t help wondering if he chose them on purpose – and I also can’t help wondering what other spankable treasures lie undiscovered by us in his pants-drawer! No doubt we’ll have more occasions to find out – I truly hope so! I have to say, I’ve already watched the smacking over Dominic’s underpants sequence three times – every angle the camera moves to seems to be the sexiest and the most spankable!!!

I am not the biggest fan of bare-bottom spankings, but when it is a bum as exquisitely pert, smooth and hairless as Dominic’s, I definitely make the exception! And I am dying to see the young rascal shirtless for discipline, because it looks to me that there is a gorgeously whippable back there that would make a marvellous recipient for the stinging attentions of my cat-o’-six-tails!

1,004 spanks! 348 of those smacks laid on over the boy’s underpants! Dominic shows the stoicism that we’ve come to associate with Tony’s boys, but his superb facial expressions show that the message is getting across! I can’t wait for the next time Tony needs to teach him a lesson!!!

4 years ago

I enjoy Dr. Van Spanking’s thorough reviews in addition to his excellent tumblr site–long may it remain active.
It was interesting for me to learn that he is not all that big a bare bottom fun for neither am I.
I remember a long time back how one of my fellow spankos was teasing me about my ritualistic underwear.
The good Dr. and I do disagree on who are our favorite BBFC models.
My all-time favorite is David a.k.a. Adam Black of Sting. David of Sting, who is still active I believe, is my all-time favorite Sting favorite.
I hope to see David/Adam again soon for it has been nearly a year since he last filmed to the best of my knowledge.
Perhaps, he has left the scene like Sebastian, Tigger, etc.
Another BBFC favorite of mine was Sven. I think that was his name. He starred in the intense Christmas brush spanking scene from several years ago. I never knew that Santa took such an affront to boys trying to guess or peak at their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.
Sven was most pleasing to the eye and seemed to rather enjoy his “work” and had a great tolerance level.
I do want to thank all of the studios who contribute their samples to the site, the site moderators for all of their efforts, and the positive comments from participants like Dr. Van Spanking. I also need to give a thanks to Photoshop Mark. I hope he is well and has another fun Christmas collage to contribute.
I reckon that I should have submitted this a couple of weeks ago during Thanksgiving time. Oh well, I may be in trouble for that.
Here is something that may really get me into trouble: Merry Christmas, everybody!

Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
4 years ago

Good looking model nice smooth posterior but bare is always best for me. Is the Jean Claude Van Damme action music really necessary on the trailer I’d rather make a choice by hearing the paddle collide with that beautiful bot.