BBFC: Kiriakos OTK

BBFC: Kiriakos OTK
Kiriakos is back and this time he has been out getting some exercise and is late back. Going OTK in shorts he gets a spanking that always helps lads tell the time in the future.



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Looking good in shorts for the warm up and looking even better in boxers Kiriakos takes what’s coming well. A bare ass finale to make the point about time keeping and its job done, for the time being, you know what lads are like.





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2 years ago

I like the shorts!

Bearing in mind the story we were told about how Kiriakos came to be working for BBFC, I think it’s time he was challenged to some harder punishment. Those shorts are just asking for a nice leather strap to be smacked across them good and hard – and, if you ask me, so is the boy wearing them!

Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly with flashgordon! It’s great to see those spankably short shorts getting an airing again and very appropriate in this warm sunny weather! And boy, is young Kiriakos asking for it! A lad who went out for a run in those would deserve nothing less than a damn good hiding, late or not!

I well remember the first time I recall seeing those spanky shorts. Philip wore them in ‘Just what the Doctor ordered’. He role-played a naughty schoolboy who had to be laid over the headmaster’s knee in a pair of dark-coloured briefs for a good spanking! After getting thoroughly smacked on his underpants and then across his bare bottom, Philip was presented with these cheeky athletics briefs to wear as ‘punishment shorts’ – the idea being that all his fellow-pupils would know he’d had to report to the headmaster to receive corporal punishment! Like Philip, Kiriakos wears them very spankably! When, after having his bottom well warmed through the seat of them, they are pulled down, Kiriakos turns out to be wearing a short and clingy pair of airforce-blue boxer-briefs, continuing to demonstrate that he is a confirmed wearer of coloured underpants and therefore very much a modern boy!

I would like to digress here and say that airforce-blue knicks have a great significance for me, as it was the colour underpants I was wearing the first time I had to bend over the desk in the headmaster’s office for a caning! Every detail of that punishment was seared into my memory by four scorching strokes of the supple rattan rod, biting through the taut seat of my tight black uniform trousers like an adder on springs!!! OWW!!!

To go back to my opening remarks (and flashgordon’s) Kiriakos approached Tony himself, wanting to be spanked – it’s not a common experience for a spanker to be approached like that, by a boy actually wanting to get his bottom smacked! With Kiriakos offering up his buttocks for discipline, let’s make the most of such a golden opportunity!