Spanking Straight Boys: Drake’s First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Drake’s First Spanking

Drake is a hot, smooth 19-year-old with a big cock. He’s been offered the opportunity to do a spanking video before, but he turned it down because he thought it would hurt too much. Luckily for us, he’s accepted Tom’s offer and now the time has come to get his first spanking in years.

Tom does something new for this time. He puts Drake on the massage table, but, before the spanking begins, Tom oils Drake’s body up from neck to toe. This makes Drake’s smooth, lean form glisten throughout the video. We’ve heard it said that spankings on wet skin hurt more. Tom would have asked Drake if the oil made this spanking more intense, but Drake wouldn’t have a frame of reference.


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Tom uses his hand, a leather flog and an implement that is like a double leather strap attached to a handle. Drake has a hard time with the spanking. He wasn’t thrilled about getting spanked to begin with and the spanking ends up hurting like he thought it would.

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2 Responses to Spanking Straight Boys: Drake’s First Spanking

  1. As much as I don’t like SSB (I find there content more BDSM and typically not spanking) however I have to commend the quality of models there’s no other spanking studios finding better quality models out there right now it really is a dire situation that’s hasn’t improved all that much over the years but at least SSB have kept the roaster of models of quality that’s not to say every model but it’s to say that this studio outdoes every other studio right now in terms of the quality of models on offer however regarding the action most definitely not for me.

  2. Just an observation – I don’t know if a spanking on a wet bottom hurts more than on dry skin, but I can say that being smacked on a pair of wet swimming-briefs definitely hurts more than spanking across a dry pair – and that is personal experience talking, believe me! It doesn’t half make your bum SMART!!

    I don’t know if that is a helpful comparison…