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Football Discipline: Jackson

Coach Joshua and assistant coach Jason are carrying out a fitness training session for the football team following the team’s defeat in a recent tournament. Their lousy performance has agitated Joshua, who decided the team needs more “training” other than doing push-ups. Jackson is first up on the pitch to receive his punishment from Coach Joshua.


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Football Discipline: Jackson


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1 year ago

At his humble hamlet home, humble-hound Jackson, as custom-conform-raised Canadian-diaspora Cantonese countryside clan kid, customarily copes with countless clothless-cur-cones-crimson-colourings, ‘ceremonially’ as Confucian confirmation of complete compliance over father’s knee and every male visitor’s, and contritely cries contracting copious cruelly-criss-crossed-crimson-cane-cuts for crimes against Confucian complete commitment, from any actual or alleged imperfect obedience to a semblance of lack in respect.
Ironically, his worst whippings he usually gets when his firm family farmhand father thornily takes out on his abject adolescent arse having been flailed frockless himself by the foreman-kin as ordered by the pitilessly-paternalistic posterior-punishment-prone patriarch for being a ‘sissy spanker’ who sometimes shamelessly spares his ‘spoiled-rotten scoundrel’ son the soundly-severe spankee-scourging supposed to ‘superiorly stimulate the seat of learning’ sino-sage-style. Thus Jackson transferred from a ‘mere pants-on spanking’ school to the strictest boarding school after father couldn’t sit for a month, nor he, getting soundly stripped-stern-strapped for fidgetting in class on top.
He was only allowed to join the school’s football team after the principal wrote an affidavit it has the toughest trouserless-teen-tail-tormenting disciplinary standard, and father approved some sample-spankings on bare-balls Jackson from an anyway-arse-agonizing-assigned assistant-coach, who will (for a pittance fee, finding it fucking fun and great practice, especially excellently-educational endurance eerily exposed in front of the whole team) administer them really-regularly: hard hand nude OTK at arrival for practice or game before changing into team kit and shower-wet grabbing ankles a dozen with the heavy holed hickory paddle, more dozens if a field coach mentions any complaint, which is most of the time. Actually, after prime practice performances, he purposefully provokes posterior punishment, to prove pain-purple-painting properly-pitiless preceptory practice to pa and (per pictures) patriarch.
As incompetent teammates still lost an easy match in principal’s presence, the head (and deputy) coach called the miserable mutts in for some school-standard sore-seat-motivation, which he hoped to be exceptionally ‘sound’ and savage, so as to show at home there’s a blazing ‘bare-bumbling-brat-butt-blistering backup’, which is why he switched from Confucian sycophant sliming to short-of-shocking arrogant attitude, only to be deeply disappointed his dutifully-disciplined derriere didn’t duly display desperate dolefulness despite diverse discipline-tools, this head coach’s counter-competent currish-caprices-curtailment-capacity could clearly compromise his career here if it comes to kin’s ears. He’ll have to compensate by calling the arse-agony-assigned assistant-coach after shower names ‘accidentally’ and again, just loud enough to be ‘overheard’, earning enough extra dozens to show ‘exemplary endurance’ at home, pretending that’s just a warning from the deputy head coach.
Thus, conform Chinese Confucian customs, copious clothless-cur-cones-crimson-castigation continuously communicates competently-CP-compelled compliance and clan commitment, curiously conditional on the corporally-corrected-conditioning-condemned ‘currish’ kid coordinating his conspicuous cones-colouring, as sino-style saving-face supposes soundly spanking submissively-stripped-sonly-stern scarlet-striped to show supposed serenity subduing sins, school – and sports and shortages systematically to strict-sirely satisfaction.