BBFC: Mason Over the Knee

BBFC: Mason Over the Knee

Looks like the lad has been over spending, those leather trousers are not cheap, and that is not the right thing to do. So he finds himself OTK getting a lesson in finances in the best way for any lad to learn.


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A good warm up on the leather trousers is followed by a good set on the boxers, this lad has a super shapely butt in boxers.


Then the final set on the bare ass, that’s the final part of the lesson that always gets through to even the most wayward of lads. A super spanking for Mason and one he needed.



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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

YOWZA! Leather trousers, eh?! As far as I recall, in my acquaintance with BBFC, now quite lengthy, that is a first, and a very spanky first it surely is! There is something especially kinky about leather trousers! There is a young lad who comes into my local pub who wears them regularly, and they are very tight over his pert and prominent bottom! He always stands at the bar for his drink, and has a habit of leaning against it in a way that makes his bum stick out in a fashion that really is asking for the boy to be laid over the knee for a good spanking! Because of where I tend to sit, I always have a bumside view and within minutes have a mega-itchy right palm (my right hand being my bottom-smacking hand!)!!!

The downside of leather trousers (or quirky leather underpants) from the point-of-view of the spanker, whose job is to inflict pain across a boy’s bottom, is that leather is a heavier and thicker material than many other materials from which boys’ trousers and shorts are made, and therefore slightly more protective and resistant to spanking than, say, school-uniform trousers, well-worn jeans or short nylon sports shorts such as are manufactured by Adidas. It is therefore a sine qua non that at some point they have to be taken down, so that the spanking hurts a lad’s backside the way a spanking, properly laid on, ought to!

And after young Mason gets a good set of smacks on the leather seat of his trousers, that is exactly what happens to the naughty boy! Of course, from the moment the lad is laid over Tony’s knee, I am dying to see what colour underpants he’s wearing, hoping that they will be coloured underpants and not the white boner-killers we have seen him wearing for a couple of previous spankings! As the moment of truth arrives and down come the leather trousers, I find myself thinking, ‘Oh, WOWEEE!!!’ Not only black underpants, my third favourite colour for spankingwear, but also good, tight coloured briefs, previously a bit of a rarity with any spanking studio, but becoming gratifyingly more frequent with JS lads!* They frame Mason’s cheeky bottom to perfection for the discipline that Tony is laying on with his customary thoroughness! With a bottom as smackable as Mason’s pert little hindquarters and spanky golden nuggets like this in your pants-drawer (and mine contains many such!) why – oh, why on earth – would you want to wear monotonous white passion-killers??!! I always feel a slight sense of disappointment when the underpants sequence of a spanking comes to an end – I am not myself particularly into bare-bottom spankings and rarely administer them (I don’t say never, as my naughty boys will tell you) but I do recognise the fact that young lads often need the extra humiliation and greater pain of getting their bare bottoms smacked – and smacked hard!!

Finally allowed to straighten up off Tony’s knee, Mason pulls up his briefs! I often find myself amused in the aftermath of a spanking, when a boy clearly wants to pull his pants up quickly, (especially if his cock has got hard, so as to hide the ‘evidence’) and yet he doesn’t want to pull them too hastily or roughly over his smarting buttocks, which is easy to do, thus causing further discomfort! Such has clearly been the case with Mason both this time and the last time he was laid across the knee and spanked! Tony gets one last smack in across the lad’s bottom – an effective way of saying, ‘Off you go, my lad – and no more being naughty!’

The punishment certainly fitted the crime on this occasion! Will this wayward youngster ever learn his lesson? Well, he hasn’t seemed to so far. It took me a long time, I must admit – and even when during my misspent youth, I realised that spankings were sometimes necessary, I still managed to get considerably more than my fair share of smacking! I’ve often said it’s a wonder I didn’t grow up with knee-shaped grooves in my tummy! Or that the seats of my various pairs of underpants were never worn out – it would have been a contest between them and the sole of my guardian’s size 13 spanking slipper!

Mason is a real find and I hope we’re going to see a lot more of him! Thank you, BBFC!

*I wonder what anyone else thinks – have briefs been making a bit of a comeback with young lads in the past few years? I see plenty of evidence of it on line and I know that speedos (in some cases, very brief speedos!) have definitely regained popularity as swimming-trunks with the boys…Any thoughts, fellow-spankfans?

1 year ago

When Tony allowed Mason to spend a long weekend at a suitable schoolmate’s superbly-spankophile family’s holiday cabin, they all just expected the knaves to get as gaily globes-grilled gruesomely-good as either brat often gets alone at home, treated to a torrent of trouserless-teen-tail-torment and an occasional treat in kind, but(t) now he’s home, Sir is furious to find he was allowed as holiday treat, like his host mate, to keep a quarter of the considerable cash they raised manning a ‘benefit’ spanking booth, which they wasted almost entirely on luxurious leather outfits for an upcoming, pretty pointless party paid from the proceeds.
Tony decides instead to end their plans, refusing the knave party permission for the duration of the Ukrainian war and upending him for the financially-foppish outfit’s only wearing, well divesting, before it’s returned to the shop -where the owner agrees to an exceptional 90% refund, amused by Tony’s offer to let him, his staff and clients spank the commando-coming knave’s naked nates ad lib the rest of that day, and if he’s ever dumb enough to return, donating all proceeds, actually mostly from the spanking free podium collection box, to the Ukrainian war effort.
Stunned by the serious sums stemming from such spanking, Sir and regional leatherware shops mini chain owner strike a strange, stern deal: for as long as Putin’s ‘non-war’ lasts, Mason shall go straight from switch-subject Saturday Bible class to each time one shop in turn, to ‘show off’ some leather outfit soundly spanked by Sir on it and again all-on-ankles, then remain available for ‘free’ rides OTK from everyone who earns transferrable ticket(s) by buying leatherware, five minutes per 20 Euros, also for Ukraine, with a chance to win the worn garment if designated the darnest derriere-dooming discipliner that day.
When the brat-buddy’s father learned about it, he insisted his similarly-shameful squanderbug son should simultaneously suffer the same shamefaced serial-spankings-show fate: knaves who waste together must pay together, at his suggestion both bawling with their bare-balls blazingly-beaten brat-bottoms beheld for benefits, but(t) also forfeiting half their allowances for church’s refugee boys program as long as was wages wickedly in Ukraine or Middle East (probably forever).
When Mason’s Catholic catechumenist was informed, he gaily-generously guaranteed the knave would get a dozen with the switch on the bare at the end of each Saturday morning Bible class as a ‘sinfull squanderbug seat-of-learning super-sensitizing, suitably-striking sendoff’ to the sins-redeeming spanking session, so his mate’s father made him join the Bible class under the same condition, although already confirmed as an Anglican, so Tony replies by ordering Mason to join his mate at monthly confession, lined-up all-on-ankles over the communion bench under the super-strict sexton’s six-sally-switches-scourge systematically substituting penitential prayers. Both brat-boy-buddies’ busily-bared and blazingly-blistered behinds brilliantly ‘bare burning witness’ martyr-style to the remarkably-raised rigor of religious remorse and rules-respect.