Spanking College Boys : Mike Rottman


Holding a series of painful instruments in one hand and Mike by the ear with the other, Master has decided to give the young man an exemplary punishment. Lying on his Master’s legs, Mike gets hand spanked hard by hand and by a leather paddle.



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Once Mike is left naked, Master wants to punish the boy’s balls with a short whip, before having him lying again on his legs, to be severely and painfully spanked with a short leather strap; afterwards, a series of hard hand spankings on the buttocks and on his asshole follows.

The relentless spanking intensifies, growing increasingly excruciating, as the hefty wooden spoon lands energetically upon the boy’s buttocks, punctuated by robust hand spanks that reverberate not only across his buttocks but also upon his sensitive asshole. In an instinctive attempt to shield his exposed vulnerability, the boy tenses his buttocks, drawing Master’s disapproval. Consequently, Master issues a stern ultimatum: either the boy permits the spanks to land upon his exposed anus, or he will face additional strikes from the wooden spoon upon his already red buttocks.

As the session nears its end, Master switches to a wooden hairbrush which, alternated to expert hand spankings, proves to be remarkably effective. Grateful for the thorough discipline, Mike expresses his thanks to Master, acknowledging the possibility of future punishments at Master’s discretion.

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