Camp Redrear – Spanking Art and Story by Callum

In the neon-lit 1980s, a group of cocksure college-aged jocks, sporting short shorts and headbands, venture into the desolate grounds of “Camp Redrear,” a long-forgotten summer camp with a sinister past. Ignoring local legends of a masked stalker, they arrogantly believe they’re untouchable. 

As they explore the abandoned cabins and overgrown trails, their bravado slowly crumbles when they realize they’re not alone. A masked figure, wielding a paddle instead of a weapon, stalks them with an eerie determination. But instead of delivering deadly blows, he opts for a bizarre form of punishment: spanking! 

The jocks, accustomed to being the ones in control, find themselves in a twisted game of survival, with each spanking escalating in intensity and humiliation. Their attempts to fight back or flee only lead to more inventive and painful spankings, turning the once confident athletes into whimpering, terrified victims. 

Amidst the chaos, secrets about the camp’s dark history unravel, revealing a tale of abuse and vengeance. As the survivors desperately try to uncover the truth and escape the relentless spanker, they realize that the real horror isn’t just the masked figure haunting Camp Redrear, but the sins of the past coming back to deliver

a painful

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