Spankchicosmalos: Scam With Consequences (Part 1)

Spankchicosmalos: Scam With Consequences (Part 1)

Mysterious masked man takes revenge on Álex for scamming men by promising them meetings. The avenging Spanker manages to find Alex, thus receiving a well-deserved lesson while he is tied up, his ass suffering a riding crop lesson on all fours, which he will not forget.

Alex vuelve como comercial. Es demasiado insistente e irrespeto. No acepta un no como respuesta y hace enfadar a un ocupado cliente. Consigue su objetivo vendiendo sus productos, pero a cambio recibe una azotaina intensa y humillante. Primero en posición otk y después a cuatro patas recibiendo cintazos y dejando su agujero más intimidó bien expuesto.

亚历克斯以销售员的身份回归。 他太咄咄逼人,而且不尊重人。 他不会接受拒绝,这会让忙碌的顾客生气。 他通过销售产品来实现自己的目标,但作为交换,他受到了严厉而羞辱性的打屁股。 先是呈 otk 姿势,然后四肢着地,接住腰带,让他最私密的洞暴露在外。


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One Response to Spankchicosmalos: Scam With Consequences (Part 1)

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Although Alejandro Angel always was as anatomically-attractive as attitude-adorable, an achieving Andalusian athlete and A-student, alas his angelic arse was never agony-safe at-home, as his atrocious avuncular-guardian Angel Attila is almost always appalled by about anything anywhere, alas acting as an actual Attila-admirer even at the angelic Angel-adolescent, avid to apply the ancestral azote as aptly as amply, again and again. So ‘Alex’ achieved all-AAs, not just in the vain pursuit to avoid grades-generated glorious-globes-grillings, given godfather gives them giddily anyhow, any excuse will do, but(t) mainly to get into an ancient Sevilla art academy with obligatory dorm, so he can leave home and its hellish hourly-seeming humble-hound-hidings.
    Attila allowed it only if he required ‘not a peso’ any more from home (a backward rustic ‘pueblo’, where nobody fuzzes about a bare-balls brat cutting branches for an angry arse-agonizer’s fresh rod), so he saved up qualifications and markers for a combined scholarship, only CoVid19 bankrupted his academic athletics team, which suspended all stipends a year pending a new sponsorship deal, so he’s short of a sweet sum to support any social life, and has no savings, as he never got ‘a peso’ as allowance.
    So at his wit’s end, fearing to be sent back under Attila’s merciless avuncular azote-sway and loose his only shot at a degree, he accepted a kinky mate’s invitation to join his ‘fetish escort app’, where imaginative fetishist men bid for ‘exclusive services’, some of which neither wants to perform at any price, hence the cunning mate had the app dodged so he can pretend it’s unsuspecting Alex who bails out of those dreadful dreamer nightmares, and even cash the downpayment instead of reimbursing the ‘perverts’. One of those ‘victims’ pretended to his cousin, the masked ‘cyber vigilante’, to be cheated at a normal date, showing only the innocent texts without reference to his disgustingly-fucked-up ‘kinky’ faeces-facial-fetish.
    Now Alex is alas all-over suffering stripping and spanking in strict Sir’s savage style, for a fraud he didn’t commit nor earned a cent from or even knew about, without a clue when it ends, if ever, as the traitor mate spends his ill-gained profits foolishly and is tempted to scam more men, lowering the ‘perv criterium’ ever more opportunistically … If it compromises his studies, he’ll still lose his scholarship and be back to Attila forever.